June 14, 2008  ·  Lessig

So we’ve made some significant progress at Change Congress on the funding front. Joe Trippi and I are now in a position to staff the organization properly. We’re now looking for the key next generation netroots organizer — a kid who expects to be running net operations for a Presidential campaign in 2012. If you’re that kid, let them know at Change Congress. We need you soon.

Update: Some wonder whether by “kid” I mean we’re hiring just an intern or something like that. Not at all. I mean simply that the very best in this business is likely to come from a kid. But being an old guy myself, I’m happy to be proven wrong…

  • Joe Buck

    Expressing a preference for a younger person over an older person in a hiring decision might constitute age discrimination. Sure, if you get a “kid”, he/she is likely to work for less and put in longer hours, because of a lack of other good opportunities. How convenient for you.

    Speaking as someone who still makes a living doing software development well past the age of 40, I often encounter attitudes like this.

  • Greg Nichols

    Who’d have though Lessig would be perpetuating the stereotype that only kids understand the Internet?

    Maybe what ever “kid” cuts his teeth on Change Congress will know something by 2012.