• http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    Segment online now:


    It’s a nice summary for a TV audience.

  • Kiki

    Hmm… Chaotic Good vs. Chaotic Bad alignments of the Internet? It must be a roleplayer who wrote the summary of that video.

  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    And I thought the future of the Internet was being able to know what porn your judge and everyone was watching.

    But seriously, there was a more in depth interview on Charlie Rose – when Lessig was “off the grid.”


    While I have read the book, I do NOT reccomend it. I should get off my butt and sell my now used copy instead of wasting my time on blogs.

  • JPW

    Nice. Anyone who can hold their own on Colbert, let alone come off looking good, is respectable in my book. I don’t mind the interview not being an in-depth analysis, as this is simply an introduction to the general public on the subject. If they get interested from something that some would call unsophisticated (I wouldn’t, but hey) then so be it. I got interested in Lessig’s works from reading a web comic, so I’m not one to speak.

    BTW, this video doesn’t work well on my computer, the sound was barely audible. I had to go to youtube to watch.

  • http://clarkevans.com Clark C. Evans

    Dr. Lessig,

    Do you have any comments on Barack Obama’s recent capitulation on FISA? I followed your
    nod and donated what I could to his campaign. I must say, I wasn’t particularly happy with
    his statement or the so-called compromise. I’m looking forward to your blog entry.


    Clark C . Evans