June 4, 2008  ·  Lessig

Longtime HRC supporter Hilary Rosen on Hillary Clinton:

I am also so very disappointed at how she has handled this last week. I know she is exhausted and she had pledged to finish the primaries and let every state vote before any final action. But by the time she got on that podium last night, she knew it was over and that she had lost. I am sure I was not alone in privately urging the campaign over the last two weeks to use the moment to take her due, pass the torch and cement her grace. She had an opportunity to soar and unite. She had a chance to surprise her party and the nation after the day-long denials about expecting any concession and send Obama off on the campaign trail of the general election with the best possible platform. I wrote before how she had a chance for her “Al Gore moment.” And if she had done so, the whole country ALL would be talking today about how great she is and give her her due. Instead she left her supporters empty, Obamas angry and party leaders trashing her. She said she was stepping back to think about her options. She is waiting to figure out how she would “use” her 18 million voters. But not my vote. I will enthusiastically support Barack Obamas campaign. Because I am not a bargaining chip. I am a Democrat.

From Huffington Post.

  • http://libtechissues.blogspot.com/ Al Cornish

    Sen. Clinton reminds me a lot of Richard Nixon, in both positive and negative ways. Clinton’s surprising remarks last night have some similarities to then-Vice President Nixon’s 1960 “concession” (“if the present trend continues…”) speech. On the other hand, Nixon was and Clinton is a determined fighter.

    Should Sen. Obama select a Nixonian running mate??

  • Adrian Lopez

    Hillary Clinton is all about Hillary Clinton. The more she felt threatened by Obama’s growing numbers, the more she allowed her true character to shine through. She’s an ugly person, and I’m glad she lost.

  • Lurker


    Or the news reporters could stop misleading the public.

    Hint: Obama doesn’t have enough delegates unless you count superdelegates. He has not actually clinched anything there, nytimes.com

    Problem: Superdelegates can change their mind at the convention.

    So, voters have pushed Obama into the lead, but not by a wide enough margin to guarantee victory. What is so wrong with Hillary backing off the flamethrowing for a bit, but still making her pitch at the convention? She has earned enough votes to state her case to the party in Denver.

    Or what, is this party all about silencing women now? “Stop making trouble, woman!”

    To those who say an ongoing campaign will hurt the party, you are so wrong. Imagine the free publicity and high ratings that a theoretically-contested convention would bring to Obama.

  • Rob Coursen

    I’m sorry but are we truly this disillusioned as a nation that we can’t face simple facts… so Delegates or SuperDelegates aside what has gone on over the last year? Wasn’t there an election primary held and is there not a clear candidate that is leading in the vote? Has this system not “YET” produced a nominee?

    I’m sorry but perhaps there is a point in our nation when having tons of money/power/influence can just keep buying you that 5 more minutes on the mic, and hey why not turn that into 4-8 years of failed policies, indictments, countless mistakes, and just general disregard of our future and one of my most sacred treasures… our individual freedom.

    But hey maybe we can just flip off the TV, unplug from the series of tubes, and lay our heads to sleep in utter belief that these events don’t warrant a complete remake of our political system. Democrat, Republican… what happened to leaders, to pioneers, to settlers? This land feels more and more like a value menu rather than the center of the world’s greatest opportunities.

    Hilary is continuing down the road she chose and so the same can be said of Barrack Obama. Likewise all the Democrats and their cadre of little Delegates… but can “WE” as a nation continue to wholesale purchase these red herrings and propped up arguments?

    I just hope that truth prevails, and that the US steps into true leadership of these demanding times. Otherwise what is the argument?

  • 2 cents

    It ain’t over till it’s over, and as several posts have already said, it ain’t over. Good for Hillary for keeping on . She can’t win if she quits, and she hasn’t lost yet. Shame on Hilary Rosen for caving so publicly. Granted, I feel somewhat better about Obama now that I found out that one of his senior foriegn policy advisors is an old friend I respect. At least I know he is getting good advice. But unless Hillary’s VP, he’ll have to do a lot to convince me not to vote for McCain.

  • 2 cents

    It ain’t over till it’s over, and as several posts have already said, it ain’t over. Good for Hillary for keeping on . She can’t win if she quits, and she hasn’t lost yet. Shame on Hilary Rosen for caving so publicly. Granted, I feel somewhat better about Obama now that I found out that one of his senior foriegn policy advisors is an old friend I respect. At least I know he is getting good advice. But unless Hillary’s VP, he’ll have to do a lot to convince me not to vote for McCain.

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    Breaking news:


    Sources: Clinton will suspend her run by the end of the week

    ” WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sen. Hillary Clinton will officially end her campaign for the presidency by the end of the week, multiple sources told CNN.

    Sen. Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she will let her supporters and party leaders decide her course.

    A top Clinton fundraiser says it is expected to happen on Friday.”

  • http://blogwindowsxp.com Windows XP

    i think the only reason why Hillary Clinton ran for President is because of her husband wanting a chance to work at a 3rd term at office. but i don’t like the Clintons and i never will. besides, who ever makes it to President, i don’t think im going to like either one.

  • http://bestnarutoepisodes.com Naruto Episodes

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t McCain all for Medicare and such for old people, and isn’t Obama a Muslim? If so, the next 4 years are really going to suck. I’m not old, and I’m not a Muslim, infact I’m a Christian. To me, I think if Obama becomes President and he is a Muslim, thats like letting a terrorist be our President. Thats just my input.

    I don’t care much for any of them, not even the Clintons. Mr. Clinton did so much damage to the United States during his term, and if Hillary gets to be President, Mr. Clinton might pull some strings and control her!

  • http://web.mac.com/writecoast/iWeb/Site/Blog/Blog.html Peggy McGilligan

    Hillary Clinton put her campaign on hold, but is holding a rally in Washington DC for her supporters this coming Saturday. According to her, she’s going to determine the best way forward for the party. I rather suspect Hillary will concede Friday and announce her independent candidacy Saturday. Hillary invoked the memory of 9-11. She said that while the twin towers were gone, Lady Liberty was still standing – a testament to the resilience of the American people. I couldn’t help but think it a testament to the Clintons, that throughout the primary process, this never came to light: http://theseedsof9-11.com

  • http://sethf.com/infothought/blog/ Seth Finkelstein

    By the way, this part is nonsense: “… the whole country ALL would be talking today about how great she is and give her her due …”

    Maybe a few liberals and intellectuals would be gracious. But given the constant GET OUT GET OUT drumbeat – I see no reason to think that the overall reaction wouldn’t have followed the lines of “Finally we’re rid of you, what took you so long, you should have done this back in February instead of weakening the great Obama.”

  • Dan

    N. E.’s comments show just how much Obama has yet to do to let people know who he really is.

    FYI, Obama is a devout practicing Christian. He is also in favor of dealing with the real national security issues instead of made-up ones — he is actually stronger on real security than McBush. And as Larry has said before, he has the strongest positions on tech policy and campaign money influence (the latter demonstrated recently when he told the DNC not to accpet lobbyist/PAC money).

    Even Obama will not be perfect, given that such a thing is humanly impossible, and we will still need to mobilize at the grass-roots level to hold him to his mission, if only to give him the political mandate to move properly, but he is the clear choice for November.

  • Rick Rushing

    Maybe David Geffen told us all we needed to know over a year ago when he recognized the HRC campaign as merely unbridled ambition. Agreed, but ambition is understandable. More prophetic was his observation that she is “incredible polarizing.”
    I was going to post here yesterday but I flipped on CNN to hear that it was all over. The talking heads kept talking like it WAS over yet the ticker at the bottom of the screen read “Clinton suspends campagn. “What the heck does ‘suspend’ mean?” I thought. It now seems that she was merely countering heavy-weight democratic party perssure to get out so we really have no change in status.
    Polarizing? Golly, ya’ think? Through the past months when an HRC defeat was a virtual certainty she has portrayed herself as the anointed one and her followers as the righteous ones whose interests are being undermined by a male elitist conspiracy. It is her solemn duty to persevere for them to the bitter end to show everyone, especially the Democratic Party, the error of their ways. She’s delighted with followers who, like Lurker above, take all this a little to personally and are convinced that it’s the media’s fault or some effort to suppress women. So now we have HRC acting like her voters are a constituency that she will direct as she, and only she, sees fit. Polarizing… big time.
    Even more disturbing to me is the thought expressed by “2 cents” that if HRC is not accommodated they will vote for McCain. Had she conceded outright, and some time back, this line of thinking would never have surfaced.
    Why all this Clinton gamesmanship? Simple…. unbridled ambition.
    She is portraying herself as being forced to endorse Obama against her better (divine?) judgment. In doing so she is justifying a backlash against Obama among her “followers.” Is it enough to cause a Democratic loss in November? Probably not, but from her and Bill’s perspective it’s worth a shot. If Obama loses then HRC winds up in the “I told you so” position and the sure-fire candidate in only four years. An Obama win leaves her eight years away from the next opportunity. Think about it.
    I’m an Independent. I posted here some months ago with the opinion that this should be the most lop-sided Democratic victory in modern history. I also offered as caveat that the Democratic Party has an amazing ability to shoot itself in the foot. Well, folks, HRC is locked, loading, and taking aim at that foot.
    Geffin had been an ardent Clinton supporter and knew them well. Disappointed and disenchanted, he moved on. His opinions mentioned above came from an interview that also included the following observation: “Everybody in politics lies, but they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”

  • sina kay

    i don’t think HRC is a bad person. i think she, like all of the candidates, is doing what she thinks is best for her country. and, like all of the candidates, she’s taking into account the opinions of her supporters. after all, they’ve tirelessly worked for her, and donated to her.
    i even feel bad for the candidates. for all of their hard work, they can’t possibly limit the actions of their agents, agents like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KACQuZVAE3s . this woman no doubt had a set of hopes, hopes that were frustrated in an imperfect election. her frustrations got the best of her, and exposed the worst of her. now her flaws are on youtube, fully exposed, for the world to judge.
    at what point does an agent cease to represent the political principal? i’m sure obama wishes we were more forgiving (think wright). and i’m sure mccain probably feels the same (hagee).
    the story is not atypical. everyone wishes the world were more forgiving of them, but no one is willing to be more forgiving of the world. given the fact that everyone is far from perfect, i think a greater supply of forgiveness flowing outwards would be socially optimal. this, to me, was one of the best themes in obama’s speech on race, and a theme i look forward to hearing more of.

  • http://www.richardsnotes.org Richard

    We’ll have to see what she does tomorrow but her speech the other day was not a high point in Democratic politics.

    It seems quite obvious to me that she pointed people at her site, not simply to get their feedback on what she should do next, but to wring money out of them to get out of debt before she “releases them” to Obama.

    And, the whole VP thing is so infantile. She is just pouring gasoline on the very pieces of her personality that people don’t like.

    In typical Clinton fashion, instead of grace we have a mess with raw emotions all around. The end is even Rovian. Blah.

  • poptones

    How is any of this new? It seems to me the democratic party has been like this at least through the last three elections. Remember “a vote for a third party is throwing away your vote?” At a time when the dems needed a strong candidate they chose a wooden, unlikable champion like… umm.. what the hell was his name again?

    Then, I could be biased. I’m no fan of either party much less Hillary. The only way I might vote for another Clinton is if she were running against another Bush. And even then I’d be praying right up until election day for a plane crash to take out both of them so we could start the whole thing over again.

  • sy

    Hillary Clinton will officially end her campaign for the presidency by the end of the week, multiple sources told CNN.