May 2, 2008  ·  Lessig


As tiny compensation for (almost) spending more time on the road than at home each year, when our first child was born, we started the best tradition I’ve ever known: 1 month, off the grid, somewhere amazing. That begins today. It is a real, and essential, luxury. My apologies if it is a burden.

  • Alexander

    You deserve it, have fun!

  • Jared

    What a shame..

  • Michael

    Enjoy the time off!

  • David

    No apologies needed. I just wish I could do the same!

  • thorsten

    Sounds like a very good tradition. Have fun.

  • Jinsup JUNG

    Wonderful tradition for your family~!
    I wish I could do the same~
    Enjoy the time,
    and see you soon in summer~!

  • Doug

    Congratulations on becoming a father.

    I heard you are an Obama supporter. I have been very impressed by him and I think it is crucial that he agrees to a Science Debate ( At the very least, he’ll make McCain look scared to agree to a Science Debate!

    When you’re back on the grid, please sign the petition:

  • Antonio Ghio

    Well deserved. Please consider tiny Malta for next year’s “off the grid”… Have FUN!

  • Aikaz

    Congratulation for having a baby and become a father. Have a nice life for the whole familiy. Take care.

  • Lenen

    Well first of all congratulations with the awaiting family extension. This was one of the blogs I’d followed every now and then from America. If anyone knows some good suggestions with the same area of interest.

    The best from Swiss!

  • Thijs Lowette

    Congratulations man!

  • Thijs Lowette

    Congratulations from Belgium!
    Now I need to read Andrew Keen’s blog :-(

  • John Hinsley

    bad choice, think of all your fans, you owe it to them to keep the blog going

  • Peter Smith

    Congratulations…. I hope you enjoy it…

  • hypotheekrente

    Hope you will be back soon again! Love to read your blog once in a while! Enjoy your free time through!
    Regards, Aislin

  • eric

    i wish i could just take a month off and disappear, i envy you!

  • michael pollak

    Congratulations. Have a lot of fun, you really deserved it.

  • Alex

    Great! I Have a nice time! :)

  • Website Mentors

    Bring it back! ;-) enjoy the time off

  • Mike Levens

    Hi Larry,

    I hope you enjoyed your sabbatical. The Internet can take care of itself for a month.
    I just wanted to post here and tell you thanks for your work. You are one of the reasons I believe America just might save itself.

  • Darlehen

    Well my comment disappeard by going back for the right Captcha. But Mike, last commenter, could you explain please what you’re trying to say?

  • Jay Stevens

    I wish you luck and congrats. Family first.

  • Mike Levens

    I’m not sure I was saying much more than thanks. As I perceive it, the US is in a very pivotal point in its history, and both free and unfree architectures and code are poised to take over everything. Larry is playing an increasingly important role among those pushing to keep our architectures (and with them, us) free. So for that, thanks.

  • WebWatcher

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