• http://www.zeraha.org NikolaD

    Wow that’s big deal. Will check apture for sure. I’m afraid though that it’s way too easy to be abused as free hosting and CDN. It’s a powerful too for sure though.

  • http://www.wholemap.com/blog/Getting-Apture-running-in-5-minutes-on-Drupal David S.

    That is really interesting. I signed up for the beta and gave it a try on my Drupal based blog. It was easy to set up, and worked with my existing Wikipedia links right away. It was also as easy as it looks in the video to add new links.

    On the flipside, though, there does seem like a lot of Apture popups (dynamic HTML popups ‘within’ the page, not new web browser popups). Most have a ‘don’t show this again’ link, but I’m looking for feedback from my readers to see if it is too much.

    If you’re interested in seeing Apture in action, or want to see the steps I took to get it going, please take a look at http://www.wholemap.com/blog/Getting-Apture-running-in-5-minutes-on-Drupal

  • http://benkerney.net Ben Kerney

    Cool tool, but thankfully people like David S. and Apture’s featured bloggers are still making HTML links and using Apture to pull the content into their site’s presentation layer, rather taking Apture’s example of “annotating” your plaintext using JavaScript and their database seriously.

    It’s cool that, while physically browsing an Apture-enabled site using a JavaScript-enabled browser, I could see contextual information that is reliable because the site’s author selected it by hand. But good authors do that, and make the links in their HTML so that search engines know about those relationships. That’s the dangerous part here. Apture’s examples (view source on this) encourage authors to add links purely via their JavaScript layer that does not give search engines the information they need to map the web, severing the threads of the web.

    So – pretty cool tool, but add your links first in HTML if you really care about relating that content to yours.

    Of course, I’m not sure if some of Apture’s more advanced features such as creating a hierarchy of related contents (as seen in the video) require the pure JS layer.

  • http://mathfest.blogspot.com rossisen

    It seems to me that there is some worry associated with allowing a third-party to run code on your site. I think it is cool to use GreaseMonkey to run code of my own choosing or design on other people sites (see my blog), for example to make the wikispaces ads go away, but I am not as comfortable turning the tables.

  • Drew Murphy

    This is the future. It might seem a bit cluttered at first and the reading experience seems halting but that’s only because our brains are dealing with a new reading experience. This method of info delivery combines the “edit” into the process of writing the same way a film maker uses an edit with film. Finally, this has happened!! This method applies one of the most fundamental processes to successful media integration, namely proximity!! As an educator who is in the trenches making online media content every day, I see this as actual progress towards the next generation of the online information experience. It may not be perfect, but it is where our brains will be going as both content makers and readers.

  • http://www.desjardins.org/david/ David desJardins

    I guess, if you have a site that’s informative and useful, and you want to make it annoying and cluttered, then this would be for you.

  • http://www.nutriscience-eu.com/ peter

    hmm, it’s not bad, but only usable for teen pages which likes the music&flashing colors&movies&co
    but for the most of people the internet and the web at all it’s a place to find a information
    and cruelly fast!

  • http://www.geldonlinelenen.nl Lening

    I’m going to use this right now! Thanks for the video.

  • http://www.hypotheekberekenen123.nl Hypotheek berekenen

    Nice way to create rich media mashups in just a few minutes. I’ll defiantly give Apture try.

  • http://www.witgoedtotaal.nl Witgoed

    Maybe i’m a little late, but i’m still suprised to see this software. I’ll give it a try next weekend.