March 25, 2008  ·  Lessig


I’m going to be speaking at an Obama rally at the University of Pennsylvania (my alma mater) on Saturday, March 29, at 5pm, in Huntsman Hall – 3730 Walnut Street (or 38th and Locust Streets).

Though I’ve made slideshows for Obama (first, second), I’ve never done this. If you’re around, or have friends who are around, come!

  • David Durant

    Hi Larry,

    Will there be a video of this up somewhere?


  • albert

    wait, penn student here.

    there’s an Obama rally at Penn Saturday? How do I not know about this?

  • mmf

    Could someone please post more info about this rally? There is no mention of it on the Pennsylvania events page of
    Many people from Rutgers Camden would be likely to attend if we had more to go on.
    Thank you

  • Stephen Allison

    sounds like kicks … have fun!

  • Derek

    I’ve watched more speeches/presentations by both you and Obama in the past two months than of anyone else, and they’ve all been so intelligent and relevent. This is the change America needs right now!

    Penn ’09

  • Martín Mois

    I already signed up.

  • Brett Thalmann

    I am really excited to hear you speak at Penn. I also have not heard any details about the speech and would love to publicize it to my peers. The Change Congress movement that you are starting is amazing and I hope to hear more about during your speech.

    Penn ’08

  • Julie

    Good luck for the rally

  • Caroline

    Do we absolutely have to sign up somewhere to attend? I am a Penn student. Thanks!

  • Michael

    Does this mean Obama has taken a change congress pledge?

  • Cameron F.

    We’ll all be cheering for you. Post the video when it’s over and we’ll help spread it around the net! :)

  • Vectorpedia (Rick)

    Obama is a class act…………I saw him in Pittsburgh recently

  • Shardule

    I was at the presentation. It was first-rate. Thank you for coming and helping out the campaign and giving inspiration to Obama supporters.

    Unfortunately for the others, I did not see any recording equipment in the room so I do not know whether it will be available, but I may be wrong.

  • Jeff Seeds