• http://tylerkaraszewski.com Tyler Karaszewski

    Beta? Really? Can a movement be “beta”? When does a movement hit release candidate status, and what counts as final release?

  • David Durant

    I’m looking forward to watching the video.

    As I’ve suggested to Larry before it would be great if there was a way for non-American’s to at least be able to get into the site read-only (currently you need a US zip-code).

  • Peter

    Non-Americans can always just make up a zip code …

  • http://oedipamaas49.livejournal.com Dan

    [unrelated to post]

    You sit on the Livejournal advisory board. Livejournal have just made a substantial, controversial policy change – abolishing free, advertising-free ‘basic accounts’. Apparently they didn’t fully consult at least one of your fellow board-members.
    Were you consulted about the change? Did you approve of it?

    Sorry to hijack the comments here, but your blog seems the best place to publicly ask you a question. If there’s a better place to talk to you in your capacity as LJ board member, point me there! If not, maybe there should be?

  • http://bakedblog.com Rachel

    I guess I will have to watch the webcast, won’t be making it to DC :(

  • Florian

    The mail address should be @sunlightfoundation.COM. Mails to .org bounce and the website is an ad trap.

  • The Wonderer

    Is that the Gotham typeface?

  • Elaine

    Fixed the email address.

  • Roy

    Your comment criticizing the Bush administration for their lack of policy on universal broadband availability is spot on. But you failed to point out the Obama campaign’s policy on universal broadband. As the lead technology advisor to the Obama campaign, would you please state it or explain if this is something they are willing to take a position on prior to the election. Given their broad finance support from internet sources it seems like they should be providing some positive direction in the form of a pre election policy. Thanks!