January 15, 2008  ·  Lessig

the future of ideasthe future of ideasthe future of ideas

After a productive and valuable conversation with my publisher, Random House, they’ve agreed to permit The Future of Ideas to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. You can download the book for free here, or above.

This means all four of my books are now CC licensed. Code (v1) was licensed under a BY-SA license; so too, Code (v2). And Free Culture and now The Future of Ideas are licensed under BY-NC licenses.

I am particularly glad that The Future of Ideas is now freely licensed. That book hit the stores 2 weeks after September 11. I’m glad it now has a chance to flow a bit more freely.

Thanks to Random House (and Basic Books, and Penguin) for being open to this experiment. I hope we’ll have some useful data to report about its effect.

  • http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com Vicki Davis

    I find this fascinating that you were able to convince your publisher to do this. I’m sure that they have to look for a financial model to make such licensing worthwhile to them, however, most people just aren’t going to print the book on their printer, however if it is as good as I hear, reading it will certainly make people want to go out and buy.

    As a teacher, I certainly wish that textbook makers would consider such licensing to make textbooks and the curriculum they represent more “mashable.” Interestingly, while schools often require students to use creative commons licensed work, I find it interesting that my family members in college say that the student-produced work is licensed “All Rights Reserved” to the college itself by name and not even giving credit to the student. This gives the college full rights to resell.

    I would be interested to see your thoughts on this practice. Thank you for sharing your book and advocating creative commons.

  • http://www.leonardi.adv.br/blog/ Marcel Leonardi

    Thank you so much, Professor Lessig, for making it available on electronic format for free. How I wish more people and more publishers were willing to do the same, but unfortunately most still fail to realize how the interest on a work can be extended long past its commercial appeal on this manner.

  • http://thebusking.com Josiah Altschuler

    How will your publisher make money then? I’m curious because I’m trying to make my music recordings free while still making a living from it on my web site.

  • http://mistakengoal.com Kevin Guidry

    Very cool. I was happy to purchase the book when it was published but it’s always wonderful to have an electronic version in which I can search and from which I can easily quote.

  • http://moderndragons.blogspot.com Mike Johnson


    Also- for what it’s worth, I’d love to see a dailylit version of this and Code v2. I get a lot out of being able to paste key passages into Google Notebook.

  • http://www.speedofcreativity.org Wesley Fryer

    This is fantastic news, congrats on a successful negotiation with Random House! Hopefully you’ve set a precedent which more authors will not only notice but follow. I have become increasingly convinced, particularly after reading your book along with Michael Goldhaber’s 1997 article on “The Attention Economy,” that providing free access to digital content is an essential requirement for ideological relevance in the 21st century. Certainly your provision of your ideas as a free eBook should enable more people to read and consider them. Thanks for your continued work and advocacy not only in the area of intellectual property, but also political reform. I continue to follow your work with both interest and great hope for our collective future as a nation.

  • http://nsputnik.com Nick

    Do you think you could get Random House to publish sales numbers both pre and post CC licensing?

  • http://shotwildlife.blogspot.com/2004_06_01_archive.html ShowcaseJase

    Good timing!

    Not only have I just been busily spruiking Free Culture to my mates but I’ve nearly finished what I’m currently reading.

    Re: Josiah, you need to start touring or licensing or accept you make music for personal and not professional reasons. I’ve resigned myself to the final option because I think everyone should make their own music.

  • http://brianna.modernthings.org/ pfctdayelise

    Pity your site doesn’t
    A) Provide a direct link to a PDF (it redirects so you find yourself accidentally opening the PDF instead of having the option to save it to disk!)
    B) Provide a file that’s not corrupt. Adobe Reader 8 complains.

  • http://gnuosphere.wordpress.com Peter Rock

    Good news!

    One wonders why the publishers don’t also set up a web-based pay-what-you’d-like system for the digitized version. I’d be more than glad to pay a few dollars for the download. The NC restriction practically monopolizes meatspace sales but why not take advantage of it in cyberspace as well? Surely there will always be a revenue stream created by those with disposable income who wish to demonstrate an appreciation of such works through financial contribution.

  • Margarete Toledo

    Thanks a lot for sharing all that knowledge for free. I wish more intelligent people would do the same.
    We need someone to inspire others and I think you can do it.

  • Kaleb

    I’m just wondering where I can get the downloads for your other books. They’ve been on my “To Read” list for a while now, but school has always “interfered”. Now that I have graduated I’d love to read them. Do you have links for the other 3 books?

  • http://fn.goa-india.org FN/Frederick Noronha

    Great going! It means a lot to be able to access these books (despite the price barriers) for us in countries like India.

  • http://vielmetti.typepad.com Edward Vielmetti

    Has anyone done the PDF to TXT extract of this book? I want to read it piecemeal and do textual analysis of it, and the PDF is less interesting than the words.

  • http://thewoodsmen.net gaston monescu

    well done.
    ive been ‘preaching’ this gospel to folks for years.
    i applaud your stance and the confidence in you that your publisher has shown.
    ive been giving away my music for 5 years; in the beginning people looked at one
    askance. heres to those who believe in the powerof all of us, Together.

  • http://adin.name adin

    Anyone taking on the task of “format shifting” since PDF support is atrocious in the current generation of eink readers? (excepting the iliad!)

    I assume that as long as it’s not sold for money that the format-shift/conversion is allowed under the CC license?

    I’m thinking that HTML would be the easiest conversion, which will let people convert to BBeB/Mobipocket/etc.

  • http://www.craigpulsifer.com Craig Pulsifer

    Way to go, professor! Following your example, I just got back from the grocery store where I unloaded TWO full carts of groceries into the back of my truck for FREE ! Of course, I didn’t have time to wait around to see if this was ok… there were all these alarms and things going off, so I figured the best thing for me to do was to race off back home and feed my children.

    Creative Commons… yummy!

  • confused

    Craig Pulsifer,

    That was cryptic. Care to explain further?

  • http://www.futura.edublogs.org Carolyn Foote

    Thank you for making access to your ideas easier for all of us!

    I’ve shared Creative Commons with teachers at my high school. They’re well aware of the conflict between “practice” and copyright law as it exists today, and were fascinated.

    Look forward to reading your book!

  • Florian Purucker

    I think it is really great to be able to download your books online. I am often interested in a book I read about, but I actually never read it because I don’t take the time to order it and wait for its delivery. So this is a big improvement. I can download it and read it immediately and if I decide it’s really interesting, I will also order it. By the way, is it also possible to just pay for the book without actually obtaining a physical copy?

  • http://gnuosphere.wordpress.com Peter Rock

    Florian says:

    By the way, is it also possible to just pay for the book without actually obtaining a physical copy?

    I’m thinking the same thing. Perhaps a pay-what-you-like (nothing if one so chooses) approach where if you pay enough, you qualify for a tangible copy + a download. Otherwise, you just get the intangible copy. Right now, the publisher has put itself into two extremes – either receive nothing or sell a book.

  • http://www.craigpulsifer.com craig pulsifer

    @ Confused: The grocery heist is not meant to be cryptic. It’s a metaphor. The grocery store won’t let me leave without paying for my wares, nor will my mechanic fix the car for free.

    But these are goods and services that cost to produce, you may argue. Agreed. But what of the lawyer, the shrink, even teachers… who offer a valuable, non-tangible service with no widget produced. Should they not be compensated? Of course they should. They bring substantial value to life – well maybe not the lawyer (kidding).

    The point I make, with tongue in cheek, is that Intellectual Property – be it poetry, prose, even research and other creative work – requires costly and often irreplaceable effort on the part of a creator that is worthy of fair compensation. Tricky part about IP, though, is that it difficult to understand it or value it as a ‘widget’ that can be ‘sold’ by the each or by the pound.

    In the case of photography (my field), stock agencies have been gobbled up by private mega corporations in what can only be described as the collectivization of digital assets. Stockholders of these giants have introduced new business models based on ‘unit cost’ of the volumes of their image library.

    The next step beyond undervaluing created work is to simply give the work away – Creative Commons. The result will be that it is impossible for artists and others to devote their lives to their craft. Their work will be confined to the realms of hobbiest as they seek gainful employment to feed their families.

    The score in the end: the Creator = 0 / YouTube = 7. Frankly, I doubt even Random House will survive the game. If Creative Commons gains full momentum, I’d bet you a bookshelf that we all wind up with only blogs to read.

  • http://gnuosphere.wordpress.com Peter Rock


    A copyrighted work is neither a tangible good nor a service. Metaphorically comparing a teacher or a bag of groceries to a copyrighted work leads to confusion. You then say:

    [Creative Commons licenses] result [in an impossibility] for artists and others to devote their lives to their craft. Their work will be confined to the realms of hobbiest as they seek gainful employment to feed their families.

    Unfortunately, you haven’t provided an argument as to why you think this to be true. What makes you believe that artists who allow sharing yet reserve some rights will not be able to garner a living wage? I think it is important for us to back such claims with an argument. Projecting an imaginary “result” with a willingness to “bet” on it means little. And if we can’t come up with an intelligible argument, then perhaps we should ask ourselves why we can’t. Perhaps we carry beliefs that are fundamentally mistaken.

    If an author makes quality works and promotes those works wisely, then that author will gain exposure and recognition. It is through exposure and recognition that an author increases revenue opportunities, not through restricting the public from sharing. That’s part of my argument. If you don’t agree with this, can you explain why?

  • me

    Hey there. Just to let you know…your download link seems to be broken or your servers are overloaded.

  • http://calebjmcondit.blogspot.com caleb

    I think what craig is getting at is not that people shouldn´t share their work. What he is saying is that right now it´s all warm and fuzzy and with a book, maybe it might work for now. But he´s referencing the problem with allowing people to make derivative works from photography. It could be an issue because instead of paying a pesky photographer to shoot a photo, the end user could just grab the shot, reinterpret it and voila. No photographer paid. It´s not a problem when you´re not just an amature on flickr. And it needs to be noted that providing electronic copies of books can truly help an author as it makes the work more easily quotable and gets referenced more due to ease of process. BUT that type of thing doesn´t apply to photography. We´re lucky if we get a small print credit in the buttcrack of the magazine. That´s why craig was all up in arms. All creative industries work differently, and we need to get this whole thing figured out before someone does it for us.

  • http://gnuosphere.wordpress.com Peter Rock

    But he´s referencing the problem with allowing people to make derivative works from photography. It could be an issue because instead of paying a pesky photographer to shoot a photo, the end user could just grab the shot, reinterpret it and voila.

    To prevent reinterpretation, place a derivative restriction (part of CC known as “ND”) on the work. I don’t see the problem.

    I don’t know what you mean by “[...] voila. No photographer paid.”. Please expand on this magical argument.

    And it needs to be noted that providing electronic copies of books can truly help an author as it makes the work more easily quotable and gets referenced more due to ease of process.

    Yes, I agree. This then influences exposure/recognition which obviously increases opportunities for income. So it is not debated then that a CC license of some sort (e.g. BY-NC) is good for books of TFoIs sort? Keep in mind that just because one shares work does not automatically mean that “referencing”/”recognition” will happen. Obviously, if an author’s work lacks qualitative appeal, then sharing will do little to help boost revenue streams. The fact is, there are always going to be authors who write $#@! and authors who express genius.

    BUT that type of thing doesn´t apply to photography. We´re lucky if we get a small print credit in the buttcrack of the magazine.

    Then use a BY restriction on your photographs. I am not following the displeasure with CC for photographic imagery. Why is preventing commercial use, misappropriation, and derivatives not enough for photographers who publish their photographs? You can do all that with CC licenses. Basically, this leaves only the restriction on sharing. Why is letting the public share (with all other restrictions in place) misguided?

  • confused

    caleb, I’m confused. You say:

    “It could be an issue because instead of paying a pesky photographer to shoot a photo”

    This leads me to ask myself, “should ‘pesky’ photographers ever deserve to take financial gain for their so-called livelihood?”

    If I entered your property and took a photo of you without your permission, I should not only face trespassing charges but deserve no copyright privilege either and should face the possibility of further charges if the photos are ever leaked. And if I stalk you whenever you leave private property (e.g. those who camp to take pictures of, say, Britney Spears when she leaves her home or hospital or what-have-you) I sure as hell don’t deserve any “compensation” for my effort. Too bad is the society that encourages, rewards, and attempts to defend such behavior.

    What sort of “pesky” work do you feel deserves “compensation”, caleb?

  • http://www.craigpulsifer.com craig pulsifer

    To clarify: I’m not saying that folks shouldn’t ‘share’ their work… I’m saying that others shouldn’t be encouraged to take it… without express permission and fair compensation.

    If you want to give stuff away, I can’t stop you. I don’t have to. The free market will take care of this because you will either go out of business or the day job you need to subsidize your work will limit your production. Either way, I retain a competitive edge because I am producing enough quality work to grow my business using a responsible business model (assuming that model is protected from theft vis-a-vis enforceable copyright).

    But formalizing the privilege to share by making Creative Commons de facto standard mixes up the right to share with the right to take. It creates a ‘Finders – Keepers’ environment in a rights managed world that is already next to impossible to police let alone enforce.

    As to the argument about exposure/recognition leading to opportunities for income – opportunities for income are not the same as actual income. Sorry, but by-lines and feedback won’t buy the butter I need for my family’s daily bread. Pay me enough to survive long enough to be ‘discovered’ and I’m grateful.

  • Joshua Gay

    Prof. Lessig, Great Job! Thank you. -Josh

  • http://mguhlin.net Miguel Guhlin

    Mr. Lessig, thanks so much to you and your publisher for sharing “The Future of Ideas” with us. As an educator, I’m grateful that such resources are available at no-cost.

    With appreciation and wishing you well,

    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the Corner-MGuhlin.net

  • confused

    “To clarify: I’m not saying that folks shouldn’t ‘share’ their work… I’m saying that others shouldn’t be encouraged to take it… without express permission and fair compensation.”

    Craig, I’m almost afraid to ask what your definition of “sharing” is. It sounds like someone who says, “Here everyone…I’m sharing this. But before you take you first have to ask for my permission and give me money.”

    “The free market will take care of this”

    All Rights Reserved is not a free market. It’s mercantilism.

    But I wonder…if you really believe this then why are you not rejoicing that CC is spreading? After all, this means there are artists out there who will fall for this stupidity and ruin their own livelihood. This gives intelligent people like yourself more room to exercise your “reasonable” business model and make more money. Sounds like CC is the best thing that could happen to you as others who would normally compete with you will be blundering away that opportunity. Really, the only thing you need to fight is anyone who may suggest that a CC-like platform for copyright be adopted as law. Then you’ll lose your competitive advantage.

    Or do you make your statements out of the goodness of your heart to warn artists who might be taken in by the lunacy of CC? If so, that’s awfully nice of you. Keep up the good fight.

  • http://www.craigpulsifer.com craig pulsifer

    @ confused… sigh, I have “shared” my ideas here for the past few days in the hopes of fostering better understanding for the nature and need of copyright protection for the intellectual property of creators. “Take” from that what you will.

  • http://gnuosphere.wordpress.com Peter Rock

    Craig you say,

    “[...] need of copyright protection for the intellectual property [...]“

    CC is not against copyright and in fact, offers several ways in which authors can exercise certain privileges over their published works. That is, CC is based upon copyright law. So, it’s not clear what your argument is.

    It appears, Craig, that you are arguing that authors/photographers who restrict the commercial use, misappropriation, and derivatives of their published work yet allow distribution will not be able to garner an income. Is that what you’re saying?

    If so, I don’t understand that argument but I’m more than curious to hear why you believe it to be true. Unfortunately, you haven’t stated why you think this would be the case.

  • http://www.z-m-l.com/go/llfoi/llfoip001.html bowerbird

    > edward vielmetti said:
    > Has anyone done the PDF to TXT extract of this book?

    good question. i’ll clean it up, but if anyone has, please let me know.

    larry, thanks for being a _model_ in the “creative commons” philosophy.
    unfortunately, your execution isn’t as exemplary. and execution matters.

    specifically, .pdf is the roach motel of document formats — it’s the worst!
    (text goes in fine, but it doesn’t come out very well.)

    obstacles like these hurt the very cause that you espouse so well…

    please learn that a release of the _text_ is better than a .pdf,
    especially if that text is presented using a _structured_format_,
    and then put that knowledge into practice and also send along
    the message to other creators. because execution _matters_…


  • http://www.munseys.com dmoynihan
  • http://lowebrow.blogspot.com Lee

    I too am surprised that Random House has agreed to this – excellent! There are some authors like myself, however, who have been making their fiction freely available online for some time now. Perhaps it will take a major prize for someone really to begin to take us seriously.

  • http://thewoodsmen.net gaston monescu

    re: the whole debate,

    one has to take a cue from the world at large….
    the internet is an almost evolutionary ‘force’
    which sees barriers as damage and routes around them.
    much of the discussion about what is “right” and “wrong” or even “fair”
    has no bearing in a mature discussion about the nature of the Way Things Are.
    for those who would compare this point of view to, say, that of Nazi sympathizers,
    i would have to respond, “grow up”-
    the most important question is”what does this tell us about the quality of time we are living in?”
    and where is it leading?

  • http://www.myagito.com Maximo

    Thank you so much, Professor Lessig!. Making the book available to all was a great move. I bought several copies of Code 2.0 last year as gifts, so in the end I think this is a great promotional strategy.

  • Alys O

    Thank You!
    I love the sharing and I am very likely (based on past events) to add the hard copy to my library the next time I am in a bookstore that carries it.


  • The Dude Abides

    Thank you for providing this. Would it be safe to say I can convert the PDF to text so I may read it on My Kindle?

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