• http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    Of course JFK did not have much time to change things, but his VP/successor, LBJ was so upset at the way things were going, he decided not run for reelection. Then the man JFK was running against in 1960, Nixon, later succeeded LBJ. This has to be the worst example of “change” I can think of.

  • http://www.state38.com Jeff Bridges

    How ironic – the most blue blood political family in the country (besides the Bushs, of course) endorsing a candidate because he stands for change.

  • http://sethf.com/anticensorware/ Seth Finkelstein

    I think this is Ted Kennedy saying in effect: Hillary Clinton, if you couldn’t win South Carolina against this lightweight, your campaign is doomed, and I’m not going down with it.

  • bnb

    Is an endorsement from Ted and Patrick Kennedy really that big of a deal? Less than 2 years ago Patrick Kennedy crashed his car at the U.S. Capitol Building after being “impaired” and was given no sobriety test, and instead got a ride home by police, because of who he was. Ted left a woman to die in Nantucket Sound and didn’t report it until the next day. They were both out with William Kennedy Smith the night he supposedly raped a woman. He was found not guilty, but since then has faced sexual improriety allegations 2 other times. Ted Kennedy was 59 at the time he was out drinking with his son and nephew. Are these two still considered upstanding men in the Democratic party? Just because they espouse the “right” views, all is forgiven? Ted doesn’t even espouse the views most dems want. He wrote the No Child Left Behind Act. He is all for alternative energy,as long as the wind turbines aren’t put anywhere near his family’s compound. I agree with him on some issues, but I think there are better people to get endorsements from than him and his son. If anything, his endorsement shows just how nasty of a campaign the Clintons are running and how Democrats are starting to push back.

    If Larry Craig endorsed any of the GOP candidates all you would hear about is his criminal record, but the Kennedys get a pass.

    A person in the Senate for 35 years probably isn’t the best person to talk about “change.” Has anyone else noticed that in each primary, in both parties, whoever wins says the voters spoke for change? “Change” is becoming a useless catchphrase.

    Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement should mean much more than the other two Kennedys.

    Isn’t it time to move past the “Kennedy dynasty?” Is there really much of a dynasty left?

  • http://www.popbattery.com MRbattery

    I support Hillary Clinton

  • Anthony Damiani

    For Barack Obama, singularly, the Kennedy endorsements remain of outstanding importance. So much of Obama’s political image mirrors JFKs that the explicit imagery of Camelot and the endorsement of its literal heirs is important to establishing him as the spiritual successor to that president, and to that moment.