• http://conley.toejammer.net/blog Conley

    Were these photos really all under a compatible license?

  • http://gnuosphere.wordpress.com Peter Rock

    Neat. Though stating that ND CC licensed work is remixable is misleading.

  • J.E. Lee

    This is J. E. Lee, and I made the music video.
    I am working on this music video to modify some parts because there are license problems with some pictures in the video.
    After finish the work, I will let you know the new link address for the modified music video.
    I am really sorry for this inconvenience.

  • J.E. Lee

    This is a New link of “Free Music2 (ccKorea)”.
    Please, change your link. :)
    Have a nice day~

  • J.E. Lee

    When I searched Flickr, I used Advanced Search to find CC licensed pictures. I clicked ‘Find content to modify adapt. Or build upon’ check box at that time.

    But there was a problem with Flickr’s advanced search. I push ‘Back space’ to go back Advanced Search page after I got a search result. Every option I checked remained with a check mark, but actually sub-options under CC section didn’t work. I just want to let you know that this problem with Flickr’s advanced search. I guess this kind of mistakes will happen to others, too.

  • http://conley.toejammer.net/blog Conley

    Thanks for fixing it!

  • http://www.myfirstblog12.blogspot.com Patty

    Wow video no longer available??

  • http://www.flightschoollist.com Jack

    Does anyone have a new link for the video?

  • Tom Lowenhaupt