• Dennis

    The reasoning is that there need not be a copyright on German public TV productions, since they are already paid for by taxes (Rundfunkgebühren). Thus, it would not be legitimate to sell this content anyways.

    A problem they have and describe in the video is that they can only use music and graphic material that is also not under copyright, otherwise they would infringe.

    A great idea, hope they release more and more content this way!

  • http://cabalamat.wordpress.com/ Cabalamat

    Hopefully the BBC will follow their example

  • http://www.copyrightwatch.ca WM

    Four years old and opinionated!

  • http://www.hypotheekindex.nl Hypotheek Berekenen

    Last year this was pretty big news in whole Europe. Now it is hard to find any outcomes of this small national pilot in Germany. Does anyone at lessig or from the CC fans knows what happened?

    Many thanks,