Comments on: 4Barack Blog, news, books Tue, 10 Oct 2017 06:01:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: C Wed, 15 Oct 2008 16:48:15 +0000 Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar!!! Go Obama Go! And I have approved this message: A child of The King who has everything… Stay blessed Obama cause when the prayers go up, the blessings come down and they know this and that’s why the fear you. Be blessed, stay blessed and there you have it.

By: Crystal Reese Sat, 11 Oct 2008 10:21:09 +0000 McCain/Palin is the hope for a better America; they are the voice of change in Washington. They have the courage, wisdom and tenacity to follow thru with their promises. What of this hatred and racism that is supposedly coming from the Republican candidates? I have listened to speeches looked at websites and watched programs on TV. I have NEVER heard any of it myself from McCain or Palin. I agree with McCain in his stand on bipartisanism. It should really be more about who stands for what you believe is right and their ability to make things happen than what party they represent. When looking at the facts I do not understand how anyone could stand behind Obama and his ever wavering stances. He is not the type of candidate I would vote for due to his lack of character and strength. Even Biden doesn’t fully stand behind him. How is going to “change” Washington to the public serving office he suggests when the only thing that CHANGES his story every time he speaks to the crowd. I find it rather ironic how often it is overlooked. What truly scares me is that Obama could actually get voted into office. One thing can be for certain however. He is not the sincere man of character and strength that McCain is – Obama in office would be nothing more than a puppet on lobbyist strings. Sorry, Obama supports there goes your hope of “change”. But don’t worry there still time – educate yourself.

By: Grant Sat, 06 Sep 2008 06:32:52 +0000 Subject: Obama & McCain on taxes

Here is why Obama is bad news and why he has no idea what he is talking about

A few points to remember and consider: You
> can verify the tax information at
> if you’d like.
> Time to consider your pocketbook:
> 0% on home sales up to $500,000 per home
> (couples). McCain does not propose any change in existing
> home sales income tax.
> 28% on profit from ALL home sales
> How does this affect you?
> If you sell your home and make a profit, you
> will pay 28% of your gain on taxes. If you are heading
> toward retirement and would like to down-size your home or
> move into a retirement community, 28% of the money you make
> from your home will go to taxes. This proposal will
> adversely affect the elderly who are counting on the income
> from their homes as part of their retirement income.
> MCCAIN : 15% (no change)
> OBAMA : 39.6%
> How will this affect you?
> If you have any money invested in stock
> market, IRA, mutual funds, college funds, life insurance,
> retirement accounts, or anything that pays or reinvests
> dividends, you will now be paying nearly 40% of the money
> earned on taxes if Obama becomes president. The experts
> predict that ‘Higher tax rates on dividends and capital
> gains would crash the stock market, yet do absolutely
> nothing to cut the deficit.’
> INCOME TAX (find your bracket)
> MCCAIN (no changes)
> Single making 30K – tax $4,500
> Single making 50K – tax $12,500
> Single making 75K – tax $18,750
> Married making 60K- tax $9,000
> Married making 75K – tax $18,750
> Married making 125K – tax $31,250
> OBAMA (reverse all tax cuts)
> Single making 30K – tax $8,400
> Single making 50K – tax $14,000
> Single making 75K – tax $23,250
> Married making 60K – tax $16,800
> Married making 75K – tax $21,000
> Married making 125K – tax $38,750
> Under Obama, your taxes will more than
> double!
> How does this affect you? No explanation
> needed. This is pretty straight
> forward.
> MCCAIN 0% (No change, Bush repealed
> this tax)
> OBAMA Restore the inheritance
> tax
> How does this affect you?
> Many families have lost businesses, farms,
> ranches, and homes that have been in their families for
> generations because they could not afford the inheritance
> tax. Those willing their assets to loved ones will only lose
> them to these taxes.
> New government taxes proposed on homes that
> are more than 2400 square feet.
> New gasoline taxes (as if gas weren’t
> high enough already)
> New taxes on natural resources consumption
> (heating gas, water, electricity)
> New taxes on retirement accounts, and last
> but not least….
> New taxes to pay for socialized medicine so
> we can receive the same level of medical care as other
> third-world countries!!!
> Please spread the word. This will catch
> a lot of families off guard.
> In God we trust!

By: kenneth glover Sat, 07 Jun 2008 23:20:31 +0000 Booing in the crowd when Hillary endorced Obama tells me that America still has a very serious problem with race . And if you are racist and switch to Mccain because of the excuse that you don’t think Barrak is qualified and rather vote republican and keep our soldiers dying verses having a chance of ending this war, lowering these gas prices that the greedy Bush has imposed, you are a sad sad case.All i can do is pray for you because you are behind in time, essence, and spirit.

By: Vista Drivers Thu, 29 May 2008 05:02:05 +0000 McCain is out there getting ready while Hillary has her,”forget the party, it’s all about me, me, me” attitude. She’s wasting time and she knows it. If she continues this and let’s McCain gain his momentum then when we lose in November to McCain regardless if it is Hillary or Obama I will blame Hillary because of her lack of consideration to the party and the people…

By: Cindy P Wed, 05 Mar 2008 23:50:52 +0000 For those Barack Obama supporters that would like to see John Edwards support the Obama campaign, here is the opportunity:

John Edwards staff is taking the calls and tracking the voters choice~

It is a quick 2 minute phone call, or a fax. When they answer the phone, you just advise them that you would like John Edwards to support Barack Obama and what state you are calling from. That is it…. make the quick call and pass the word~

Phone: (919) 636-3131
Fax: (919) 967-3644

Hillary Clinton always seemed to be a great candidate also, but with the negative campaign tactics that we have seen these past few days, it shows her “politics as usual” style. DON’T WE WANT A CHANGE ????

By: Ann California Wed, 05 Mar 2008 23:14:17 +0000 I don’t know why the news has not linked the Clintons with Rezko. If you go to / wiki / Antoin_Rezko you will see that it states he was one of Clinton’s contributors. When Hillary was asked about the picture of the Clinton’s arm and arm with Rezko she answered something to the affect,” I have taken so many pictures I don’t know who is who. I probably wouldn’t recognize him.” I’m sorry but either that was a cop out or a major SENIOR MOMENT. Then the discussion was dropped. That is a discussion that needs to go on as well as her TAXES. As a concerned democrat all I see her doing is prolonging the inevitable. She can’t win by delegates. Even if she wins all the rest of the states by 60/45 she still falls behind Obama in delegates. She is hurting our party more than helping. If anything she might as well be a Republican because she is doing all their work for them. We need to concentrate on one thing now and that is getting ready for McCain . McCain is out there getting ready while Hillary has her,”forget the party, it’s all about me, me, me” attitude. She’s wasting time and she knows it. If she continues this and let’s McCain gain his momentum then when we lose in November to McCain regardless if it is Hillary or Obama I will blame Hillary because of her lack of consideration to the party and the people. We need to devote all our focus on McCain now and if Hillary is for the people then she will rally with Obama and defeat McCain with all the Democratic might. Isn’t that the name of the game. Be a team player now Hillary. You know Barack agrees with alot of things you agree with so what are you doing to the party except harming it. Once again, if we lose in November because of your insistance to not bow out gracefully it will be YOUR FAULT. Don’t go out that way.

By: Kewagi Wed, 20 Feb 2008 14:19:59 +0000 As someone from outside the U.S., I have no say in this upcoming election, but since the United States play a very important role in world politics, the outcome of this race for presidency affects pretty much everyone around the globe. When I was a kid, my country was still under the impression of Allied occupation after WW2 – there was a strong pro-American sentiment all around, and during the cold war and the troubles that followed after the fall of the Iron Curtain, many here looked to America as a beacon of hope, liberty, sensibility and, first and foremost, freedom.

After the Clinton administration, those feelings changed into disappointment, rejection and even pity, for the president your country had for the last years didn’t show any of the qualities we admired about America. Somehow, I’m even a bit grateful for him, because his politics taught us that, no, we won’t always have a smart big brother around, so we better get our shit together and turn this continent around. Nonetheless, concerns were voiced that the United States might fall into a dark age.

With Barack Obama, for the first time in years I see a real possibility that this might be turned around, that America might be restored to the greatness it once had, and that your country, and the world, might actually become a better place in the following years and decades. He shows both a good heart and a great mind, characteristics rarely found in modern politics, if ever.

So, please, when you go vote, think of all us strange foreigners around the globe who are rooting for you, and think of your country and where you want it to go.

an old European

By: Travis Wed, 13 Feb 2008 17:44:26 +0000 Great entry! My name is Travis and I am a student at Stanford University. Because I believe Barack is the best candidate with the potential to revolutionize politics, I created a website – – so people like you can submit your favorite articles, videos and podcasts about Barack and vote on them. This site is extremely new (created Monday, February 13th) and is ready to gain momentum in spreading Barack’s message. With your help, this website can play an important role in helping Barack become the clear People’s Choice as the next President. Thank you and Yes We Can make a difference!!!

By: Kenneth Tue, 12 Feb 2008 07:39:59 +0000 Okay, I have a question for you….since “global warming” is such a hot topic for the Dems, and with no deligates at stake in the Florida primary nor the Michigan primary, why didn’t the Democratic party, (Obama,Clinton, and Edwards) beg and plea with the Democratic voters to stay home, save fuel, keep the air clean, help save the planet?? Also, since we’re on the topic of global warming, with there being an estimated 10-12 million illegal immigrants in this country, (I’m sure that number is a lot higher), do you realize that is that many more automobiles poluting our air? And I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but the average illegal immigrant doesn’t drive a brand new Cadilac. Just food for thought. Go Obama! Power to the Muslim President. Power to amnesty. Power to same sex marriages! Power to higher taxes to pay for our “free” health care! Power to being voted the most liberal in Congress!

By: Isabel Sun, 10 Feb 2008 23:22:36 +0000 Sorry, I don’t see anything new or interesting in that blog. However, I am pretty impressed with anyone that can actually understand what this guy is trying to say. His writing style has convinced me that he is a self-promoting narcissist. My friend told me I should read this and next time I will ask him that when he sends me pro-obama articles could he please make sure it is atleast well written; I have to endure enough mindless tripe at work (on things unrelated to politics).

In the end, I think that’s one of the things that bothers me about Obama whenever his supporters want to talk about his issues all I hear is the same glowing babble with no real content in what they are saying. Except, “OH man, Obama is awesome!” People are just voting for a personality at this point and after seeing Jesse Ventura’s election in 98 I am completely against mindless promotion. You can attack me until you’re blue in the face for supporting Hillary but atleast I have a valid reason to support her and therefore you have something to attack.

By: sent Tue, 05 Feb 2008 04:21:49 +0000 Please America read Obama’s foreign policy vision and see whether you still think he is against war.

While he supports an end to the Iraq invasion, he also supports an invasion of Iran for the same bankrupt reasons that got the US into Iraq. He states that “A strong military is, more than anything, necessary to sustain peace.” Sounds like the mantra of the current administration.

Obama says he’s going to be tough on business when it comes to the environment. But his campaign outline explicitly states that he will ‘help automakers retool their factories’ – in other words he will be happy to let taxpayers pay for the auto industry to clean up their act.

This isn’t an attack on Obama. All of the candidates have these sorts of contradictions when you look closer. But America has to stop believing the rhetoric of their leaders if they want real change.

By: Ruth Calabria Sun, 03 Feb 2008 12:11:34 +0000 Conservatives Will Stop Obama.

We’re Obama supporters, too! But we are sure they’ll find some way to stop him as Barack is against the war, a war the conservatives insist will go on. The way they stop him may be very very nasty. Read the details of what we think might happen on our website, down towards the last few paragraphs. If somebody can get our analysis to him, his strategists may be able to find a way around the conservatives’ death wish for him.

Good luck to us all,
Dr. and Mrs. Peter V. Calabria

By: Cindy Thu, 24 Jan 2008 21:04:33 +0000 Ben Stanfield is a political smear artist. Why is he on Obama’s Team

By: Janet Riehl Thu, 24 Jan 2008 20:07:20 +0000 Since you support Obama, you may find Alan Brody’s suggestion of a “1789 donation campaign” (in honor of Constitution’s adoption date) of interest on

The entire headline reads:
Clinton-Obama Spat provokes “1789 contribution campaign,” Alan Brody makes call to action after Clintons ignite a political brawl, reflecting on damage to Party and Country, and worrying over how another Clinton presidency might use extraordinary powers Bush has gathered in the White House. Brody calls for 1 million $17.89 donations to Obama (in honor of Constitution’s adoption date) to send a message to political attack dogs Republican and Democratic alike: “We want a new politics, and a President who will return to our Government civility, the rule the of law, and the integrity of our Constitution.”

I hope your readers might join Alan Brody and myself in this campaign.

Kind regards,
Janet Riehl

By: DW Wed, 05 Dec 2007 03:32:50 +0000 Barrack has accepted $129,668 from Time Warner according to Of course, Hillary Clinton accepted $240,130. Does that mean Hillary is twice the threat to Copyright reform? Or maybe the money doesn’t make any difference at all….

But I think we need to consider seriously the kind of “support” these entities can give…I sincerely hope that Barrack will lend his ear to friends with less than the following amounts of cash to share:

1 Goldman Sachs $430,578

2 JP Morgan Chase & Co $269,359

3 Exelon Corp $266,600

4 UBS AG $264,330

5 Kirkland & Ellis $253,089

6 Lehman Brothers $241,090

7 Sidley Austin LLP $232,325

8 University Of Chicago $209,356

9 Skadden, Arps et al $204,971

10 Citigroup Inc $203,000

11 National Amusements Inc $199,800

12 Jenner & Block $184,879

13 Harvard University $179,350

14 Citadel Investment Group $166,600

15 Jones Day $158,400

16 Mayer, Brown et al $155,806

17 University of California $133,972

18 Time Warner $129,668

19 Morgan Stanley $127,425

20 Credit Suisse Group $124,450

By: I Like Moran Sat, 01 Dec 2007 01:01:36 +0000 Why is Obama campaign blogger Ben Stanfield trashing my progressive Democratic Congressman, Jim Moran?

By: Derak Jones Thu, 29 Nov 2007 23:48:59 +0000 Ben Stanfield is a political smear artist who is seriously involved in the Obama Campaign. Does Senator Obama know how often Ben Stanfield smears politicians and corporations like Apple computer via his MacSlash blog? Why are wackocrats like Ben Stanfield being allowed into the Obama Campaign?

By: Ray Jenson Sun, 25 Nov 2007 23:43:01 +0000 I’ve waited for a while and really studied Obama. However, I’m not sure he’s on the right side of the copyright issue. The only point at which I’m holding out is his reported support for the expansion of the draconian system of copyright that creates so much of the issues we have with regard to creativity. I support creativity, which is why I don’t support the current system of copyright.

What we need is a return to reason. I realize that this return to reason is going to be a long and difficult battle, but that’s why I keep up with the Pirate Party. My position in the national party (as well as that of the Utah party) is to bring reason to the table, to show that the idea of copyright itself is a good thing, and that the idea of patent is a good thing. But my main concern is that by expanding copyright even further, it will cause a further rift between the two extremes and make the very idea of copyright non-viable.

What we need is a reduction of copyright, a return to the traditional values surrounding it, and a commitment to genuinely explore this complex issue, with a moratorium on legal activities in either direction until findings can be arrived at. The idea of copyright is fundamental to the operation of a democratic society, which must seek to protect the rights of others in order to protect one’s own rights.

I’m sure the RIAA and ASCAP will be against this idea. They have much more to gain by directly misleading lawmakers with fabricated data from questionable sources. The MPAA won’t like it because it means that they have to stop what they’re doing, as well. And the copyright abolitionists won’t like that very much either, because it means that they can no longer create a counter-offensive to stymie those who would sue not only innocent people, but those who agree with them that copyright should be abolished.

I don’t think Obama should support the abolition of copyright, particularly because of its being mandated by the Constitution. But I also don’t believe that supporting the current regime of copyright is the way to go. Artists are not served by large companies who never pay them anything after the transfer agreement expires, and yet continue to collect based on copyright ownership. Artists are not served by the fact that there is no longer any work in the public domain. I’ve even stopped singing “happy birthday” to my children because it’s now against copyright law, and actually illegal to perform without paying a royalty, one which the original artist (now dead) will never be paid.

What I think Obama should support is an exploration (and a truly empirical study) of the copyright issue that shows the impact of the current copyright system. I’d love nothing more than to sit across the table from the likes of Cary Sherman, Dan Glickman, Marilyn Bergman, Robert Holleyman, and whomever would represent their puppet, the Copyright Alliance. I’d love to stand there and explain to them for the four hours needed to show my position on copyright, which includes history back to Ancient Egypt. I’d love to challenge them to show their work and provide access to original receipts and bank records over the past 20 years (since I’m trained in accounting and I am currently writing enterprise resource planning software) so that I can either validate or refute their practices. I have no greater wish than to be able to study their side of it for myself and to either validate or invalidate their data. I currently believe in its invalidity because of the lack of data offered, the obvious faults in methodology, the shoddy bookkeeping that I’ve seen so far, and the tendency for members of those organizations whose heads I’ve named above to alternate between subterfuge and subversion. With my independent study of history, I am clearly not on their side.

Professor Lessig, you should understand something of my esteem for you and your work (the TED talk in March was nothing short of brilliant, though I just watched it the past week or two after they released it on their web site). But I think your endorsement is early. I have yet to hear anything about the issue of copyright that I could support. Obama’s vague statement of expansion of copyright overseas, if I’m interpreting what I’ve read correctly, is bad for our country, bad for copyright, bad for creativity, and bad for the industries that depend upon it. Water is good for the human body, but if water is overabundant, the body in which there’s too much of it dies. This is what I see happening to copyright.

While I support Obama on his numerous other issues (not to mention he’s got that “presidential” look down pat), I cannot support him outright until I hear his views on copyright, and whether or not he’d be willing to listen to the voice of reason so that he can avoid the extremism that plagues this issue.

By: Yvonne Fri, 23 Nov 2007 22:04:27 +0000 I am a member of CCmixter and a great believer in the Creative Commons movement. A few weeks back one of my band’s songs was used (under CC licensing) in a Youtube anti-Bush/Clinton video.

The video is called Gender Bender . While it has nothing to do with Obama…it very effectively captures Bush-Clinton “more of the same” feeling. And as a PLUS…it’s funny, creepy, entertaining and a great example of CC in action.


By: Michael Thu, 22 Nov 2007 11:12:14 +0000 Ready To Go!

By: Tom J Wed, 21 Nov 2007 06:58:00 +0000 I support Obama for a lot of reasons (the lack of “tiny speak” being one of them). What really crystallized it for me was Hillary’s new soundbite, “Turn up the heat!” Haven’t we had enough of that?

I support Obama’s campaign of “More light, less heat”, specifically when it comes to making data available to the Sunlights and maplights, as you put it.

By: Enjoyer Tue, 20 Nov 2007 10:14:18 +0000 Read this article:

By: peter haley Tue, 20 Nov 2007 03:11:07 +0000 Larry, please remind Barack (and yourself) about the details of the Marc Rich pardon. I am amazed you did not refer to that very corrupt action by Bill Clinton , which Hillary no doubt knew aboput in advance. Hillary should be asked in detail about this. Bill Clinton, Eric Holder and Jack Quinn deliberately acted to bypass Mary Jo White and the NY prosecutors of the disgusting Marc Rich to reward his eqaully disgusting wife ( and the less than fantastic Beth Dozoretz ) , another huge contributor, for their multi-million dollar contributions. Hillary should be asked in detail about this.

By: Yael Mon, 19 Nov 2007 11:26:43 +0000 Oh, That bill being H.R. 1955 which is being followed up with S. 1959.