October 3, 2007  ·  Lessig


Months ago, I got this very cool Sprint-MotoQ phone as a gift. I can’t use it, having tied myself to another bundled phone and network (scandal, I know). I’m happy to send it ($420 retail value), free, in its original package, unopened, to the 100th person to email me at this address with the subject line: “Keep the net neutral!,” and complete mailing instructions inside. (Multiple emails from the same email address will be removed.)

Embrace the irony, always.

We’ve got a winner. Thanks for the replies. And fear not: the addresses/names will be deleted.

  • http://www.757.org/~joat/ joat

    Please note that that email address bounces at this time….

    - joat

  • lessig

    Sorry, it was a temporary email address I shut down when the contest was over.

  • Kate

    And this is why I should be checking your site every day.

  • http://www.ec2biz.com ebusiness

    Would it make a difference if corporate funding for research were provided with no strings attached? For instance, the researcher gets to decide whether, when, and where to publish the results. In copyright terms, this means the research results are not work for hire.

    It seems to me that this would free the researcher from corruptive influences, but there might be more subtle influences that lurk deeper.