June 5, 2007  ·  Lessig

So I spend a great deal of my time insisting that my work, and the work of others in my “movement,” is about promoting something other than “piracy.” And indeed, I was in the middle of explaining exactly that to ARTE TV here in Germany when my cover was completely blown. Check out circa 5:10 in the video linked at the bottom of this page or download it here. (Thanks, Michael!)

  • three blind mice


    Für Lawrence Lessig dagegen besteht Kultur im Prinzip schon immer aus Sampeln, und er findet, dass mit den digitalen Sampling-Technologien eine neue kollektive Kreativität im entstehen ist, der das veraltete Copyright im Wege steht.

    you walk a fine line professor. the problem as you define it is not that “der das veraltete Copyright im Wege steht” but rather than traditional copyright LICENSES stand in the way of your view of creative utopia. (we don’t, of course, agree with you, but we think we understand you.)

    for those of us who have closely followed your work, you have made it very clear that you support copyright and that indeed CC relies on traditional copyright (as does the GPL). you are by no means an opponent of copyright, rather you are an opponent of the traditional way in which copyright is used. this is a subtle, but important distinction.

    that being said, your desire to be seen as a cool cat by downloading hipsters for whom all copyright is evil, your frequent “fair use” defense of youtube pirates, google buccaneers, and derivative copyists, along with your unbridled attacks on those who choose to use their copyright in a traditional manner does tend to blur the lines. referring to your previous post, even a sharp tack like andrew orlowski can get a bit confused about what you really mean sometimes.

    if you were any more vague on where you really stand, you could run for president.

  • lessig

    oh come on, 3bm. lighten up. This is a post bragging about my kid.

  • Rian

    Anybody speak enough German to request ARTE TV upload the video on YouTube or some such flash player based site so that we can watch it without RealPlayer?

  • http://leofelipe.org Leon Felipe Sanchez Ambia

    Your cover was blown in the funniest way ever. I enjoyed watching Willem. Congratulations!

  • http://blog.andrewweir.co.uk Andrew Weir

    3bm – please decide what is important in life – people or protection of what’s “mine”…?