May 4, 2007  ·  Lessig

Perhaps a bit surprised at the RNC’s nonresponse to the call to free the debates, some additional prominent Republican bloggers and net activists have joined the letter to RNC, including John Hawkins of Right Wing News, Matt Margolis of GOP Bloggers and founder of Blogs for Bush, Robert Bluey of Bluey Media, David All of TechPresident and founder of The David All Group, Liz Mair of GOP Progress blog, and Patrick Ruffini, the 2005-2006 RNC eCampaign Director and blogger at

You can read the letter and a press release here.

  • closets

    Next you’ll tell me that the conservatives support online voting or other measures to improve voter turn-out.

  • Sarab Singh

    [not directly related to blog post].

    Lawrence, if you read these comments. This comment is personal question to you.

    I get the sense that a lot of the excitement and energy behind your work is due to the degree to which you are considered a “whistle blower”. You are cutting out the fat and evil market forces, particularly in the IP domain.

    Do you feel like a whistle blower? Are you ignoring incentives/motives in pursuit of the truth? Are you aiming for accountability? And why would you, someone in a relative position of power (educated, law professor, white male…) go about undermining your own privilege?

    Fundamentally, it just doesn’t make business sense. Maybe that is why you are teaching and not in industry.

  • Sarab Singh

    sorry, one other obvious, but left out, element of the question: what ramifications has this “whistle blowing” had on your professional career and social life?

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