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    Um, hope I’m not totally out of the loop but Peter Gabriel is introducing you? Does he have anything to do with free culture? David Byrne would’ve been better.

  • http://laufenberg.typepad.com/living_the_dream/ Diana

    I studied at UWC this past summer with a NEH seminar. There are some extremely dynamic professors and faculty on staff and the student population boasts some true leaps forward for the education of all in South Africa. I hope that you find the place as thought provoking and interesting as I did. Safe travels.

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    Thanks for the conference.

  • http://blogs.fletcher.tufts.edu/reflections-archives/drew_bennett/ Andrew

    I know this is off topic, but I’m writing a policy memo on Net Neutrality and hoping someone here can help. The success of Net Neutrality regulations in Japan, Korea, and France is often sited (by Lessig in particular) for its achievements in stimulating broadband investment and lower consumer prices – can you direct me to some scholarly research or other evidence of these cases?

    I’ll check back in comments here or on my blog.

  • Morn�

    Had the opportunity to come and listen to your presentation today — i really hope we can get the neccessary momentum behind this message in South Africa. The second presentation following yours really gave me a lot of hope though.

    Enjoy the visit in SA.

  • http://sa-essay.blogspot.com abraxas

    Free … culture?
    no mate you must have the worng place. Only thing that’s free is the violence.
    And your family too? Dude, get them the hell out of here. They’re ally good at rape in our wonderful educational institutions around here, and sticking knives in girls. My daughter 10 has already been mugged at knifepoint en route to school.
    PLease understand, i am not trying to be alarmist, but if you think this is a happy place you’re missing something. And lock your doors at all times.