January 2, 2007  ·  Lessig


So after a cool couple years run, my column is leaving Wired. This is the last regular read. (Appropriately enough, given the topic, the title is totally misleading. But I didn’t write the titles, and it will be fun to see all those who only read the title responding to this: “I blew it on Microsoft”). More on the general state of my reorganization as soon as this site gets its intended reorganization. That’s been in the works for months, with the help of a (plainly overworked) volunteer. But I’m really hopeful to have something to present soon.

But meanwhile, check out Wired Science Wednesday evening. It got a great review on Bloomberg, and the very best at Wired is behind it.

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    That column has too much irony in its writing style – that doesn’t work well on the Net.

  • http://www.gavinbaker.com/ Gavin Baker

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear this is the end of the line for your column. I’ve enjoyed reading it — it’s part of the reason I started subscribing to Wired. And unlike Sterling’s, which was plainly a “goodbye,” yours isn’t. I hope you have one final word for a farewell.

    Who in blazes will they get to replace you two?

  • Scott Smith

    I’m very upset to see your column leaving wired, it’s the first thing I read when I get my new issue. Wired just lost a little bit more of it’s lustre.

  • Lessig

    Thanks for the kind words. My understanding is Wired is redesigning to drop columns. Redesigns are driven by marketing departments. Marketing departments are driven by the market. I want Wired to succeed, so I wish them well. I’m just sorry no mainstream mag in the US has a market for this sort of tech/policy column. But it’s been a fun ride with Wired, and I’ve learned a great deal from its readers.