December 5, 2006  ·  Lessig


Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals will visit Second Life on December 7th, from 6-8pm Second Life Time (PST). Read all about it here.

I was a law clerk for Judge Posner. It was the best job a lawyer could imagine. Unlike must judges, Posner writes his own opinions. That meant the job of a clerk was simply to argue — and he invited, indeed insisted upon, strong and vigorous argument. (Once I sent him a letter very strongly criticizing a draft of a book he was writing. The next morning I had second thoughts about the tone of the letter. I wrote a letter to apologize. He wrote back immediately: Never apologize for strongly stating your case. “I’m surrounded by sycophants. I don’t need that from you.”

He is the most prolific person I know. He is the most influential lawyer of his time. His work in law and economics revolutionized the legal academy. His opinions as a judge are easily among the most influential in the federal judiciary. You may not agree with his politics (as I don’t on many things). But don’t let political correctness block the chance to “see” this extraordinary figure.

Most won’t like the conclusions of the book he’ll be discussing. But there are always many more interesting Posner channels. He’s a big fan of The Matrix. And cats.

Were it not 3am my time when he is in Second Life, I’d be there too. Let me know how it goes.

  • Payara-Confessor

    If he likes the matrix and cats then I wonder what he thinks of Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the shore ?