November 1, 2006  ·  Lessig

So we’ve launched a hack of the advertising system to try to raise funds for CC a bit differently. This is a new CC video (3 minutes). It’s been Revverized — meaning at the end is an ad. When people watch the video through to the ad, we get paid. Thus, by spreading and watching our video, you can help CC. And if this technique works, maybe others as well.

You can see all our videos here. All of them have now been Revverized, though of course, we also make them available in an ad-free way. But the more who watch the Revver version, the more we raise.

So if you’d like a simple (and cheap) way to help CC, please use the email form to send the videos page to your 10,000 best friends. Ask them to send it to their 10,000 best friends. And them, to their 15,000 best friends. And soon we’ll be finished with the fundraising for the year.

Or again, alternatively, click here to donate $300,000 and we can call the whole thing off.

  • three blind mice

    very nicely done.

    it gives fair treatment to copyright – a nice surprise. no scary organ music or scary boogeyman stuff.

    and it is a very positive presentation of the benefits and accessibility of a creative commons license.

    it’s well done.

    the ad at the end for music123 was annoying, but then that’s the drawback of advertising supported media, isn’t it?

  • lessig

    you’ve made my week, 3bm. thanks!

  • Ville Pohjanheimo

    Too bad Revver content won’t play on Linux with Flash 8 and all that jazz…

  • Steven

    Hi Ville, Up until now, Flash wasn’t optimized to work on Linux operating systems, so Linux users were limited to Revver’s QuickTime option. The good news is that Linux users now have a choice; two weeks ago, Adobe released a beta of a Flash Player 9 for Linux and said that it is working on 64-bit editions of Flash. The beta of Flash Player 9 for Linux supports most of the features except a full-screen mode and support for SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. The final Flash Player 9 on Linux is due early next year. Hope this helps! Steven