October 30, 2006  ·  Lessig

So I decided this year I would respond personally to everyone who has donated to CC. Each Paypal donation sends a copy to me, and I write a note in response. (An official tax-ready thank you gets generated by some machine later, but I wanted the first cut at the thanks).

It is an amazing process. I had expected I would know most who would donate; I know practically no one. They come from across the world, in every amount, some sometimes give twice.

I can’t express adequately how grateful I am to those who support us. Partly that’s the technology — most imagine the emails must be machine-generated; partly that’s the limits to language — we practice overusing “thank you”; how can we mean it when we really do?

Anyway, thank you again. (And I apologize if I’m a bit behind. I’ll get through all of them.)

  • http://www.hotelwomb.com Dave Barnard

    I’m certain to be on of the unknowns. This is the second year I’ve been able to support CC. This year I provided a link on my online community. Since my site’s conversation is with music lovers/makers from across the world, I believe there’s a natural affinity.

    One thing I’d love to see is the Support Progress bar integrated into a variety of Support button/banner. I could see this encourage additional donors and reinforce the commitments of those who have already given. The progress bar could change color as CC gets closer to the goal. Explode when we do!

    Thanks for everything!

  • http://www.pointy-stick.com/blog/ Malcolm Tredinnick

    When I received an email from your address a couple of weeks ago, I must admit I wondered if it was being sent by you or in your name only. Nice to hear it is the personal touch. Giving a yearly donation is a relatively small payback for the benefits I get from Creative Commons, but it was a nice buzz to get a real thank-you note in return.