• http://kith.org/jimmosk Jim Moskowitz

    Wait, they say “a SVG”?? I’ve always heard “an SVG” — and Adobe thinks so, too.

    Is there a special secret pronounciation you’d care to share?

  • Rob Myers

    Does anyone else find it somewhat self-refuting when an anti-copyright campaigner makes their work NC?

  • http://ansuz.sooke.bc.ca/bonobo-conspiracy/ Matthew Skala

    You can be against copyright term extension without being against copyright.

  • Unable to spell

    the following message was summegled out of the Disney Prison/gulag in Orlando Florida

    “Help I am a prisoner in the Magic kingdom, “M Mouse

    For details on Mickeys illegal imprisoment check out this paper:Mickey Mouse — A Truly Public Character


  • Lessig

    a/an: fair enough.

  • Robert Rubin

    This is a hoot! I guess you’ve seen the article in Columbia Journalism Review (http://www.cjr.org/issues/2006/5/Vaidhyanathan.asp?printerfriendly=yes), which mentions your work, and the implications to those of us who depend on standing upon the shoulders of giants.