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    Last I looked (before the 2006 event), Wikimania was going to be webcast live exclusively in RealMedia, a proprietary format only readable with proprietary software. Looking at the archives, things are slightly better with a clear minority of files distributed in codecs and formats one can read on any platform with software one is free to share and modify (free software). But the majority of the files in the archive are in a patent-encumbered format (MP3) or a format employing a proprietary codec (QuickTime container, proprietary codec used for audio and video within).

    I thought that “Free Knowledge requires Free Software and Free File Formats” and this is why Wikipedia favors Ogg Vorbis audio files and Ogg Theora+Vorbis video+audio files.

  • ttyler5

    A good point, and as I am re-doing my old website for a new go, I will consider it.

  • Ron

    One of the 2006 Wikimania award winner was the article of the music group The KLF. The KLF seems to be a great example of what Prof. Lessig advocates:


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    Ogg good format ..