July 20, 2006  ·  Lessig

One of the greatest moments in my career was when I got to introduce David Byrne at Wired’s Creative Commons Concert in New York. At that September 2004 event, we announced that David Byrne and Brian Eno intended to re-release their seminal Bush of Ghosts album with tracks available for remix under a CC license. A couple of months ago, the Bush of Ghosts remix contest launched with the component tracks of two songs available under CC for remix. So far more than 170 remixes have been submitted to this extraordinary site. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for this, but as Byrne has always been an inspiration to me — long before I knew anything about copyright — I must confess nothing else in the history of CC has meant more to me. Pitchfork has a great new interview with Byrne on Bush of Ghosts, as well as his other cool projects (including his own fascinating blog) here.

  • http://blogscript.blogspot.com/ Lilian Edwards

    Pretty good. Byrne is one of my heroes too. Did you know he comes from Glasgow?!

  • http://www.jzip.org/ adamsj

    If you get in trouble, it’ll probably be for calling David Byrne’s journal a blog–I think he specifically says it’s no such thing. But you’re right to be inspired by him–the solo stuff (that I’ve heard) is great, and the Talking Heads catalog is probably the most consistently great American rock.

  • http://perdukistan.blogspot.com perdukistan

    it’s true that TH is great stuff, but i’m not sure they qualify as “america”. i was at the concert at town hall in nyc that september and the vibes were great, now that they have produced something openly their even greater, i wonder if one could apply this slash mix and burn paradigm to politics…