May 23, 2006  ·  Lessig

From Henri Poole:

At 8:30am this morning, wearing neon Hazmat gear, 25 techology activists from FSF & EFF swarmed the 2006 Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Seattle.

Following the lead of the French anti-DRM activists, the new initative, Defective By Design, is signing up activists interested in getting involved in local actions to bring awareness to the crippling effects of DRM on art, literature, music or film, and free software.

  • three blind mice

    “Digital Rights Management” software is actually designed to impose restrictions on computer users. The use of the word “rights” in this term is propaganda, designed to lead you unawares into seeing the issue from the viewpoint of the few that impose the restrictions, while ignoring that of the many on whom the restrictions are imposed.

    lead us unawares?

    sorry friends. unawares are led by people who dress up in silly clothes and engage in protests of self-importance.

  • Peter Rock

    3 Blind Mice:

    protests of self-importance

    I don’t understand. How was this a protest of self-importance? Please explain.

  • Peter Rock


    As for “the DRM battle gets active”, I’m looking forward to your future post in regard to the finalized release of GPLv3. :)

    Unless the Linux kernel gets on board (I’m not holding my breath), we may see a HURD of gnus do battle with the oppressive technological scheme of DRM/TC.