• http://b Paul M

    Fox news? Exxon lobbyist? Gore? Goebbels? A lot has been said in that one sentence. It didn’t take long for a response, but entirely predictable, and lacking any substance as well. Why do I feel like I am reading about two 6 yr old boys fighting about who gets the bucket in the sandbox?

  • http://gnuosphere.blogspot.com Peter Rock

    Typical FOX bail out when Jeremy Symons brings up the fact that the NCPA has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil industry. The anchor says – “That’s a whole other subject guys.” abruptly cutting Jeremy off. At least he fired off that fact before being shut down.

  • Larry

    Peter Rock’s comment is a good example of how Gore himself argues. Rather than actually meeting arguments, he claims there is no argument and instead questions the motives of those who disagree.

  • Edward G. Nilges

    Mom, he’s doin’ it again…Paul M, you get the feeling you are listening to little kids because the media structures the way in which we think about adult males, and actual adult males let them.

    The fact is that Gore is a grown-up no matter how he is re-presented.

  • Julius

    I’m suprised Fox news is willing to state this. Fox lackeys calling Al Gore “Goebbels” is like Lenin referring to capitalists as “godless commies”.

    If any modern organization (besides possibly Neo-Nazis) can really be compared to Nazi propagandists, then it’s definantly Fox, as they aren’t really news but simply mono-partisan propaganda, that blames everything bad on Liberals and the “Liberal Media”, using the same principals of fear-based propaganda as Hitler and the Communist wannabe Josef Stalin.

    Remember: these tycoons aren’t just getting buckets out of their feeble arguments, their getting about $100,000,000,000 combined.