April 12, 2006  ·  Lessig


You know about Creative Commons, and Creative Commons licenses. Key to the CC strategy was to port Creative Commons licenses into jurisictions across the world. More than 30 countries have now launched CC licenses; another fifty in the works. As of the launch of Malta last week, this is CC world:


The green countries have already launched. The yellow countries will launch in the next six months. And the red countries are still, well, red.

This project of porting CC licenses we originally called the “iCommons Project.” But last year, we renamed the project Creative Commons International. iCommons became its own (UK-based) non-profit. In June of last year, we held the first iCommons Summit in Boston. In June of this year (23-25) we’ll hold the second — in Rio.

The aim of iCommons reaches far beyond the infrastructure that CC is building. The aim of the iSummit is to bring together a wide range of people in addition the CC crowd – including Wikipedians, Free Software sorts, the Free Culture kids, A2K heroes, Open Access advocates, and others — to “to inspire and learn from one another and establish closer working relationships around a set of incubator projects.” iCommons has a separate board from Creative Commons — Joi Ito is its chair — and its ultimate mission (in addition to this annual moveable feast of commons conversation) will be determined by the conversation that will continue in Rio.

The event will be extraordinary. Gilberto Gil will perform. Jimmy Wales will inspire. Joi Ito will direct. The only thing I can promise about me is that this year, I won’t be thrown into the pool.

So come. Or if you can’t, help others come by donating to the scholarship fund, or at least put our ‘donate button‘ on your website.

  • http://ecodigital.blogspot.com/ jose murilo

    Hey Mr. Lessig,
    Here you got some portuguese words about the iSummit. I’ve been following you everytime you breathe brazilian, and it’s not coincidence I am gil’s ministerial webmaster, and editor of the digital culture section. I am looking forward having the chance to talk with the icommons guys about fixing a nice webcast of the whole summit. Is there a chance?
    PS: Here are some english articles about the ‘digital culture’ revolution in Brazil.

  • http://www.creativecommons.se Karl Jonsson

    For the benefit of any Swedish readers I would just like to point out that the Swedish CC licenses have been available since December 2005, even though there has not been a launch event yet. (Sweden is yellow on the map above)

  • Francesca Rodriquez

    Hi Jose,
    My name is Francesca Rodriquez, and I work at CC in San Francisco. I am currently in Brazil working on the Summit. We, at CC and FGV in Rio, are very keen to webcast the event. Could you contact Carolina Rossini at FGV to discuss the webcasting? We are very excited to speak with you.
    Carolina’s email is: carolrossini@fgv.br
    Thank you, Francesca

  • http://enemiesblog.blogspot.com/ tidokoro

    what about the gray countries?