• poptones

    I “discovered” most of the work in digital music collection via newsgroups and web surfing. Sheila Chandra, Linda, Monokini, DDT, Hi-Fi, Gogol Bordello, Control Machete, Sultana, Smoosh, NOME, Wicked Boy… dozens of artists I would never have discovered via the old media. as a result they have my attention and a share of my income while the old schoolers – who have completely alienated me in their greedy quest to restrict my liberties – do not.

    How is this any different? I can understand Google wanting to press this as it is an important case – but worse case what happens? They change their policy to “opt in” for works copyrighted in the US – thus instantly giving preference to works created abroad. It’s almost like the creation of a new country, as this is pretty much exactly how copyright worked in the US when it was just beginning (and still works today in many developing nations).

    It seems to me this could open up an entire new industry. Non English speakers would have a well vested interest in making sure their work was properly indexed and made available to the world via this grand new hype machine. While the old school publishers thrash aroiund creating a balkanized world of “comparable services” that are not that at all, independant creators of works will have yet another outlet to prove their value to society..

    I would like to see Google get on with this asap rather than just talking about it. There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of works out there they could be indexing and cataloging and making available via this service right now.

    Or perhaps it really is better this way; better the old school doesn’t get a taste of the pie before it is baked. The further ahead Google can arrive on the scene, the better it will be for all creators of new works.

  • http://theheadlemur.typepad.com alan herrell – the head lemur

    Copyright is not a compromise. It is an explicit trade. Limited monopoly for Public domain.
    Nevermind it is way too long, it is not a compromise.

  • charles

    Poptones.. nice idea, but unfortunately it isn’t true. If Google loses they lose for both domestic works also for works created abroad, at least as far as serving up the snippits to US users.

  • poptones

    Ummm…. how about backing up the assertion with some references? So seem to be of the opinion that if google “loses” people like me will have no “right” to make our own work available to them? The people living in countries where “piracy” accounts for as much as 90% of the marketplace would have no right to have their works made available via the google index?

    How exactly does THAT work? Hmmm?

  • poptones

    More validity to the defense… “Stealing” content harms the producers less than many have claimed, and the act of sharing that content makes the sharer a proactive part of that “culture.”

    So be mindful of what you “share.” You’re not exacting revenge upon the root kitting Sony by sharing Alicia Keyes, you’re helping further establish Alicia Keys (and her rootkitting publisher) as a part of this society.

    Why is it people seem to jump at this notion when it comes to justifying censorship of those who would “publish” pornography (and especially child pornography) but then are unable to recognize this same basic truth applies to every communication?