December 7, 2005  ·  Lessig

The webcast (video and audio) of the NYPL debate about the Google Print (now Google Book Search) project is now up (and has been up, but you know I am perpetually behind). Note, the slide that Chis Anderson is here. Please look at it. There is lots of confusion about what is being debated here. For the three different types of access Google is considering, see the description here.

  • miss moose

    I just finished listening to the debate – I though it was great. I’ve always felt google was in the right – and doing the right thing. It still made me think about the flip side of the argument – or more like see the power google gets from this. the difference will always lie with whether google always makes access to this google print for free. i think i would feel a bit different if it became like a quicklaw/westlaw service.

    thanks for posting the link! great debate!