October 2, 2005  ·  Lessig

So I’ve been a critic of the TSA in the past. But as I crossed the 275,000 miles flown this year, I realized I now like the TSA lots. I don’t like that we need a TSA; I don’t like many of the rules they enforce. But I have been struck by the change in the manner and character of TSA agents. They have become, with experience or training I don’t know, professional. I’ve seen them deal with things that would have closed airports in the past — and from my recent experience, they deal with them the way a good ER doctor does: with patience, and calm, and lots of humor. I was terrified when the post 9/11 TSA emerged. I was terrified by their character. I am relieved, indeed, heartened, by who the TSA has become.

October 1, 2005  ·  Lessig


Michael Geist
, professor of law at University of Ottawa, and editor of the BNA’s daily Internet Law News, has again done the extraordinary. After pulling together and editing an amazing collection of authors to write about the future of copyright reform in Canada, he convinced the publisher to release the book, In the Public Interest, under a Creative Commons license, and has gifted the royalties to Creative Commons. Buy the book, download the book, read the book: each will do some good. Thanks, Michael, again.

October 1, 2005  ·  Lessig


Saturday Night Live
welcomes three CCommoners to the show tonight. As described in Wired News, Andy Samberg joins as a performer, and Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer join as writers. The three have been inviting remixes of their work for sometime now. When a pilot for Fox, Awesometown, was rejected, they released it for remix under a CC license. Awesome, indeed.