September 8, 2005  ·  Lessig

From the Free Software Foundation, an opportunity to learn more about the GPL:

“The GPL is employed by tens of thousands of software projects aroundthe world, of which the Free Software Foundation’s GNU system is a tiny fraction. The GNU system, when combined with Linus Torvalds’Linux—which has evolved into a flexible, highly-portable,industry-leading operating system kernel—along with Samba, MySQL, and other GPL’d programs, offers superior reliability and adaptability to Microsoft’s operating systems, at nominal cost. GPL’d software runs on or is embedded in devices ranging from cellphones, PDAs and home networking appliances to mainframes and supercomputing clusters. Independent software developers around the world, as well as every large corporate IT buyer and seller, and a surprisingly large proportion of individual users, interact with the GPL.”

- Richard Stallman, FSF President; and Eben Moglen, FSF General Counsel

Whether your business or its clients deal first-hand with free
software or not, it has become a part of the environment that is
impossible to ignore.

The nonprofit Free Software Foundation, in association with Columbia
Law School, is offering a one-day seminar on the GPL and Legal Aspects
of Free Software Development at Columbia Law School in New York City,
NY on Wednesday, September 28, 2005.

As the GPL continues to consolidate its position as the copyleft
license of choice, it becomes ever more important that lawyers,
executives, and engineers become knowledgeable of the license. The
Free Software Foundation will shortly be releasing a draft of GPLv3,
and is making available this legal seminar to help educate on the key
issues of software development and license compliance.

The seminar will be led by Daniel Ravicher, Senior Counsel to the FSF
and Executive Director of the Public Patent Foundation; Eben Moglen,
General Counsel to the FSF and Executive Director of the Software
Freedom Law Center; and David Turner, the FSF’s lead GPL Compliance

The cost per person is $500 if you register before September 1, or
$600 if you register on or after September 1. Breakfast and lunch will
be provided. Further information about the course schedule, and
registration instructions, can be found here.

For attorneys, the seminar will almost certainly count for CLE credits
in the state of New York, and possibly other states as well. We are
awaiting final approval, and will announce the number of approved
credits when we get it.

  • Peter Rock

    The Free Software Foundation will shortly be releasing a draft of GPLv3

    I’m so excited, I’m like a kid on the 24th of December!

    Can anyone spare a few grand so I can fly from Africa to attend? :-)

  • anonymous

    I’m sure there will be a live video feed.

  • Peter Rock


    I’m sure there will be a live video feed.

    A live video feed that I will be able to access using free software?

  • J.B. Nicholson-Owens

    How can anyone be sure there will be a live video feed? I don’t recall seeing one listed in the announcement on Is there some information I have overlooked? I’d love to watch this video feed if there really is one. Hopefully there will be audio as well, and it will all be distributed under some codecs free software users can watch.

  • icecow

    Great to see you back.
    I got addicted to you just before you left.