• Yippe

    WOOHOO!!!!!!! To all of you who fought this at the front lines, and thank you from a real american! Keep putting pressure on these people Europe, you will probably be in better shape than us Americans if you do! Do not give up!

  • http://www.funender.com/music/enigmapond SWL

    I think the terms “WOOHOO” and “Real American” have been copyrighted. Maybe you shouldv’e gotten permission before using them.

    Kudo’s to the 14 Brits!!

  • http://www.funender.com/music/enigmapond SWL

    sorry for the “brits” reference. EU’s is what I meant….

  • http://billpg.me.uk/ Bill Godfrey

    Anyone know who those 14 were? Did I vote for them?
    (My googling has so far failed.)

  • Dr. Evil

    my guess is that they were either Irish or Belgian:

    Irish: Microsoft told us they would help us destroy the british.
    Belgians: WWI is not yet over my friend, long live the king!

  • http://kristofvandamme.blogspot.com Kristof Van Damme

    Working in Brussels not so far from the EP I also did some lobbying to block the directive, so I’m happy I could participate.
    The last couple of weeks were quite hectic. We sent faxes, called the MEP’s and visited them. Most of the time we were ignored, we were turned down on the phone regularly and sometimes we were met with disdain. But we did not give up easily. The FFII did an excellent job organizing and coordinating the efforts. Eventually we managed to get appointments with the MEP’s. If that didn’t work we talked to their assistants on the phone. If all else failed we walked into their offices uninvited. Eventually they listened.
    I’m happy about the outcome, although a firm statement from the EU against software patents would have been better than no directive at all. That would have given better support to people in India, US, … trying to push their governments to come to their senses.

    PS1 : I’m belgian. We’re not all cheering for the king.
    PS2: About WWI: yes, that happened about an hour drive away from where I am now. Until today farmers find mines and corpses while plowing their fields.

  • http://webshop.ffii.org/ Anonymous Elated Guy

    Slashdots article. some great comments. Kristof, its great to hear from a real Belgerian! Here in america we praise you for your unique take on waffles. Also it is reported that you put mayonaise on your freedom fries. Just kidding around. I like your blog- agreed that it is not a total victory, but this event will surely define the leadership for this growing battle( no longer a skirmish ). Very nice reporting on Sun’s change of heart. Your people’s strategy is thus: keep explicit software and BPM patents out EU ruling. Microsoft will go guerrilla on local governments( this is going to cost M$ big bucks BTW ). Economic councils will soon learn that businesses are moving to countries that reject US style patent protection for obvious reasons. Economically liberal pockets will enjoy greater wealth( ie. Amsterdam ). For microsoft to win, they must have broad patent protection regimes!

    mad props to:

    R. Stallman
    All the others who put in their blood sweat and tears!

    So EU people, expect sneaky patent rulings in local governments. Follow the leadership of FFII and EFF( where applicable )!

  • http://www.music-abc.com Henk de Boer

    I’m Dutch and I did paticipated somewhat in the struggle for common sense in Europe regarding the software-patents by writing letters & articles, emailing and engaging in panel duscussions. Boy, am I glad that we won against the juggernauts. Still the fight is far from over… in my opinion we need a clear ‘no’ to all software-patents. As I explained over and over again, software is just a bunch of formalised ideas about a route to go. And it must be clear to everyone in his right mind that patenting mere ideas opens up a real can of worms. Among which the absurd possibility of legalizing the maffia-business model and so further restricting creativity and mere clear thinking.

  • Wondering

    Why does it seem that every time Democracy appears to be working we have a terrorist attack?