July 30, 2005  ·  Andy Scudder

If you’ll excuse the blatant self-promotion, we’d like to let you know that you can support FreeCulture.org by buying one of our snazzy new t-shirts for only $20 shipped in the US and Canada, or $27 internationally. The front prominently features our logo and name across the chest, while the design on the back reminds us that, as Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Stop by our “Low-tech” shopping page with your credit card ready to get yours today!

  • http://www.usagestatistic.com Jessica Landy

    Bought two of your snazzy shirts hope they get here by next week I am heading to the beach.

  • anonymous

    Apt as the newton quote may be, this is worth reading before printing a t-shirt based on it, I think.

  • http://nomail@nomail.com three blind mice

    thanks anonymous for posting a link to the alternate interpretation of newton’s quote. it is, of course, only speculation that newton’s remark was a back-handed slap at robert hooke, but it is worthwhile to consider the possibility.

    if we may suggest an alternative, more accurate slogan from the internet age for the creative commons t-shirt: “all your creative content are belong to us.”

    if it is trademarked (short slogans cannot be copyrighted) then using it would be all the more appropriate.

  • http://www.robmyers.org/ Rob Myers

    all your creative content are belong to us


    Other suggestions:

    I gave away all my creative rights and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

    1. Release all your content under a Creative Commons license.
    2. ?
    3. Profit!

    Make creativity history.

    And of course:

    I’m with genius. ->

    Oh, wait, I’m in favor of free culture. Erm. Naughty mice, no!

  • three blind mice

    I gave away all my creative rights and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

    touché Rob Meyers!

    thanks for the laugh!