• anonymous

    See, copyright reform isn’t just for communists anymore.

  • anonymous

    Is this the “great story”?

    Farhad sez, “Rush Limbaugh is really upset that
    his podcasts can’t include his song parodies…”

    That’s pretty much the whole story. It is followed by what apparently is a quote from Rush Limbaugh, which may or may not relate to Farhad’s assertion.

    As journalism goes, this “story” wouldn’t make it into a middle school newspaper.

  • Ron Krock

    This seems all too Limbaugh: assume the contrary position when it’s convenient. Despite my dislike for his program/agenda, I’m excited to see big names supporting the cause – not to say that Professor Lessig is any less “big”. :)

  • jack the ripper

    in case you havent noticed, it is no longer possible to copy dvds with standard hardware. by burgeoning home dvd collection ala netflix has been cut off!!!! damn you RIAA!

  • Republicanesque

    why does my brain keep telling me that copyright reform is really only possible under the republican platform( albeit a reformed one ). “something is happening here and we don’t know what it is…”

  • Greg

    I would love, I mean love, to hear Larry Lessig on the Rush Limbaugh show. If Rush is reasonable, (which he may be, I dont know), then putting the two together could prove a huge step in the right direction of getting approval for these copyleft ideas which have certainly had their roots in liberal thinking.

  • http://www.variousandsundry.com Augie De Blieck Jr.

    Rush doesn’t do interviews on his show, though, with rare exceptions. (President, Vice President) On the other hand, his guest hosts often do. So the best chance of this happening would be to wait for a guest host with an open slot. . . That’s not always easy to schedule, though.