• rich

    duh – you should be the last person who needs a reminder of this. ;)

    though it’s worth noting that this is a visualization of the history of *commercial* sampling – i suspect that actual remix culture is enjoying a renissance in less official circles, but it’s a difficult thing to prove by its very nature.

  • http://home.telepath.com/~hrothgar/telae_tabulae.html Timothy Phillips

    Any of the various techniques of musical borrowing might fluctuate in popularity over the ages. But as long as we continue to mount resistance to the copyright maximalists, creative copying, which has an illustrious past, will be able to look forward to an illustrious future as well.

  • tom

    What you’re seeing is actually a delay in data being added to the database. If anything 2004-2005 has been huge for sampling with chart and award recognition of sample based music by Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Usher and many others. It just takes time for the samples to be indentified and added.