• http://www.ramskov.org Joergen Ramskov

    That video with GWB and Tony Blair “singing a duet” together.

    Is that available somewhere?

  • lessig
  • http://www.screaming-penguin.com cooper

    OK, seriously. You have baited me into looking at this 3 times now, and there still isn’t a non-Quicktime version.

    Can someone make this a DivX or at least an MP4 QT file so I can play it?

  • http://www.funender.com/music/enigmapond SWL

    Hey it was great to finally see this. I’m sorry I missed it in person…maybe next time. Larry, you were great! You and Tweedy definately compliment each other.

  • http://smartleydunn.com smartleydunn

    I have a 600 x 450 MP4 QT that I have been trying to post to archive.org and will try again this afternoon. –ken

  • nick

    Wasn’t the bush/blair duet made by a professional editor/director and broadcast on Swedish TV?

    Knowing that lessens its impact for me; the ‘amateur’ argument certainly holds up less than with some other works created by the untrained or strictly for the internet.