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    You may find the Coral Distributed Cache of use. That is usually faster than the original link and spreads the load over a very large and high bandwidth voluntary caching network, placing the content closer to the end users. There’s a bandwidth limit per source site of about 250GB per day, which should suffice for many of your applications. Very easy to use, just replace the link text of your “this” link with:


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    cheers for the link Lawrence! really appreciate the feedback – so when are you going to a talk in the UK?!

  • return

    this is actually not related to Ben’s work (quite nice btw) but I’ve just caught this on a Cory Doctorow entry: http://jorge.cortell.net/ and thought it may be interesting to comment upon,

    all my best,

  • jb

    hey, from this page, RecycledTV is not just a movie, but an interactive “Media Art” thingy which i can actually play with, right? then,

    this beautiful movie called RecycledTV

    might be a bit misleading. i guess many ppl would DL the movie first, and if they don’t “get” what it actually is, might find it less-interesting (don’t get me wrong, Ben. they are less-smart ppl themselves, u know), and won’t bother to open and read the actual pages.

  • jack

    Regarding Jorge Cortell’s entry above, he has lost all creditability in spain after bloggers found out that he faked his entire cv.



    Unfortunately, Stanford University was fooled as well.


    See the difference between his stanford CV entry and his spanish CV entry.


    University of Brantridge in Hawaii doesn’t exist. He earned a diploma from Oxford (not a bachelor’s degree). He only has an associate degree from a community college in the US.