May 23, 2005  ·  Lessig

So the Berkman Center is sponsoring its annual iLaw program in Cambridge, MA, June 22-24. The program is great fun, and you even get to live in the dorms! Registration is here. I’m hoping we move these programs overseas, exclusively. But I’m just (one of) the teachers. There are scholarships and group rates, so ask.

NOTE: Reservations for rooms are required. Dorm rooms are available but you must check in with Wendy Koslow at the Berkman Center about availability.

  • Luis Villa

    Why overseas exclusively? Surely there are still plenty of people in the US who can’t afford the (frankly exorbitant) conference registration[1] *and* the ridiculous travel to admittedly cool locations, and who ought to hear the message? [Like, say, myself? :)

    [1] More than three times as much as an entire semester with John Palfrey and Urs Gasser at Harvard Extension.

  • Antonio Bonanno

    Too bad you can’t make it for the one in Turin! I was hoping to meet you there, together with the other great professors (I can’t wait for wednesday to come). I warmly advice attending this courses to everyone who doesn’t live anywhere near the universities where these professors teach.

  • Ann Bartow

    No danger of contracting pesky girl germs from *that* faculty…

  • Juan Carlos De Martin

    Thanks for reminding the readers of this blog about iLaw Turin, Antonio, as well as for your kind words. We, too, hoped to have Larry Lessig with us in this first Western European iLaw. Who knows? Maybe next year we will organize it again and he will be able to attend.

  • Antonio Bonanno

    Juan Carlos, it’s a pleasure. Moreover, I know that the Law School of my university (Universit� di Pavia, near Milan), and especially professor Romano Oneda, is following very closely the subjects of the iLaw courses, and are discussing of establishing a center for Internet Law. If you’re interested, I can give you some e-mail addresses and you could discuss future developements of such courses in Western Europe.

  • jb

    sorry for off-topic, but what about latest stats of The Public Domain Enhancement Act? I somehow thought it was kinda “dropped”(though they never say that), or in the stasis, or at least not active, as it is in the “Phase 2″–past– section on but now i heard it has been reintroduced.

    any comment? or have they decided that nutty commie professor talking about it is bad publicity?

  • John

    Hello there,

    I just got word back from Jerri DeKriek from the Center for Management Research.

    “in the past, scholarship money has been donated but, unfortuantely, this year there were no donations so we cannot extend an offer to help.”

    So there you go. No scholarships this year; what a shame.


  • Sarah

    You should do one in DC for Congressional staffers. That would be really useful, and effective.

  • Wendy

    Hi – it’s Wendy from the Berkman Center. It’s true, we have no full scholarships available this year. However, we do have non-profit discounts, student discounts, etc. so please contact me if you feel you have special circumstances. And you’re not required to live in the dorms. ;)

    wkoslow AT cyber dot law dot harvard dot edu

  • Ann Bartow

    Nice to see that Beth Noveck was added to the faculty, so there is one woman now anyway.