May 6, 2005  ·  Lessig

So it’s Saturday morning here in Australia, and I’m reading my email in reverse order. First the fantastic news about PublicKnowledge. Now this: The Stanford Center for Internet and Society has won an important case about anonymous speech. An anonymous participant in an online chat posted comments critical of Ampex and its chairman. They sued for defamation. The poster sued under the California anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) statute. Ampex tried to dismiss and run away. The Court of Appeals ruled at first that there remeained anti-SLAPP jurisdiction. The District Court then refused to award fees. The Court of Appeals has now reversed the District Court and ordered fees. The case was argued by a law student. It will have an important effect in stopping the abuse of process against online critics.

  • Larisa

    Good news!
    And good speech in SF on your way to the plane. Nicely presented. Curious to hear your impressions.

  • ThomH

    Downloaded both PDFs / rulings, and still working thru them But it does seem like good news, indeed.

    Congrats to all involved–with Public Knowledge and CIS to start.

  • JACE

    Wow, what a great vistory for Free Speach. It is amazing that in this day and age companies and people still try to control the minds and opinions of others. Yet, these very same corporations are okay with posting their corporate messages any and everywhere they please.


  • Pete Lawley

    Just wondering what you’re doing in Australia. If you’re doing any public talks anywhere near Canberra I’d be interested to know about it.

  • Han