April 24, 2005  ·  Lessig

So at 11,000 meters, on a Lufthansa A340, just over Godthab, I am posting this entry, using airplane wide WiFi. It is fantastic. Not terribly fast (about 300 kbs), and not terribly cheap ($30 for a 12 hour flight). But I guess this is the future: yet another space where IP runs.

  • Stefan Bechtold

    300kbs is pretty good. I used the Connexion service on a Lufthansa flight a few weeks ago, and usually only got around 30kbs. But I downloaded quite a lot, so perhaps they have some kind of intelligent IP traffic control installed.

  • http://www.sean-graham.com/ Sean Graham

    300kbps doesn’t seem that shabby, and as someone who starts to lose their mind after a 5 hours flight, I’d happily shell out the 30 bucks for a 12 hour one… :)

  • http://theryanking.com ryan king
  • http://www.alanmccann.com Alan McCann

    What IP laws are applicable there ;-)

  • Jeff

    Did anyone whose played with airplane wi-fi also try VoIP softphones?

  • http://www.conyvis.net Juan Pablo De Le�n

    Wow !!, that’s even faster than my DSL connection over my home !!

    I really would like that this blogs were longer, as the monthly wired column of yours…

  • http://www.panix.com/~zackw/exbib/ Zack

    I once wrote a blog entry on a plane over Godthab … with pen and ink … and then transcribed and posted it, backdated, when I got home. Does that count?

  • http://doingboeing.blogspot.com Adam Phillabaum

    Sounds like you’re using Connexion by Boeing. They’re doing some pretty sweet stuff. They’re putting internet on boats too.

    I shant lie, I work for Boeing (but not for the Connexion part). But I’m still a big fan of internet on airplanes. I don’t like being disconnected from the internet while on lunch… much less a 12 hour flight.

    And, if its up to me, internet on airplanes will be awesome.