March 6, 2005  ·  Lessig

There’s a great stew brewing at Boston Legal. Next week’s episode has an OutFoxed plot. A school principal uses FOXBlocker to block Fox on televisions in his school. David Kelley’s original script explicitly mentioned Fox and Bill O’Reilly. ABC apparently forced him to remove the references. The network has also refused to run an ad for Outfoxed.

  • Dana Greenlee

    I enjoy Boston Legal and own the “Outfoxed” dvd and knew the clip Jim Gilliam referenced that was edited out, so… yes, I did it. I put it up at my site

    Hope I’m not infringing on rights. Simply letting the 13.6 million viewers (per recent ratings) that would have seen it a chance to watch it. Full access, you know? (But I’ve also asked permission of Gilliam… albeit, after the fact.)

  • Paul Scheurer

    Hello Mr. Lessig,
    Have you thought of submitting your own
    Boston Legal script? You could deal with the
    unfair expansion — and time extension –
    of copyrights. Or other subjects that you
    write about in Wired.
    Regards, Paul Scheurer

  • anonymous

    Boston Legal probably can’t gouge the eye of the Mouse (owner of ABC), whose copyright extension is what the fight is all about. Can you imagine the bonanza the second Mickey becomes public property?