February 18, 2005  ·  Lessig

I can’t express adequately how grateful I am for the help in response to my two questions. I intend to tinker through the suggestions I can (I work in a Mac environment, so Windows-only solutions won’t work for me), and report back on what I learn. I’m especially grateful to jb’s suggestion: Sure, I’ll make whatever I have available for people to work with however they want.

Meanwhile, give me some time to process this, and I’ll report back what I learn. And again, thank you.

  • http://www.sanestorm.com Andy Havens

    I’m confused, a bit, by what you’re wanting to do. It seems to me like there are two separate issues or possible goals here.

    1. You want to give a presentation remotely while you narrate and control the flow of the presentation from your home base.

    2. You want to totally record the entire presentation so that it can be replayed, exactly as it had been when originally given, at a later date.

    Both of those options are generally available through webinars. Check out my article on “Webinars for All of Us:”


    The greatest thing about a webinar, is that your audience can be dispersed, as well. All they need to join in is a phone and an Internet connection. That connection, of course, can be plugged into a projector and speakers and played to an auditorium, or it can be one guy in his bathrobe at home. Or a hundred folks each in their own bathrobes. You get it. And you can record the whole process to be played back later.

    Different providers offer different ranges of services, but it’s getting very affordable; certainly more affordable than having everyone travel to a central location. Here’s some info on a variety of webinar providers. Hope all this helps.

    A. Havens
    Columbus, OH

    Infinite Conferencing
    � Andy�s pick
    � Slideshow and desktop sharing
    � Audio and video streaming
    � Reservationless and operator assisted

    IM Conferencing
    � Audio & video conferencing
    � Dynamic presentations
    � Desktop and application sharing
    � Meeting management

    � Fixed price ($249.95/year) for unlimited-use online meetings for 15 named users
    � Higher prices for unlimited �floating� conference rooms for 50 or 100 users

    � Full service conference call and webinar provider
    � International service available
    � Digital call recording available

    Mega Meeting
    � Webinar service with video conferencing via web-camera
    � Personal, Professional and Enterprise versions
    � Can be customized with your business /firm logo

  • djs

    Can’t you use TightVNC or somesuch to control the machine at the remote site?