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    It would seem that the Right is interested in squelching not only dissent, but eliminating the DEMS.

    In my blogs today, I wrote this original editorial on the current state of partisanship in this country….

    “An Eagle With Only A Right Wing Can’t Fly
    (c) CodeWarriorz Thoughts 2005. All Rights Reserved.

    Texas has a problem with two particularly destructive insects which, although outwardly they LOOK like their productive, non-destructive cousins, are bellicose, and tend to kill off competitors, and in general, endanger the natural balance.

    The first animal is the “FIRE ANT” (imported fire ants) Solenopsis invicta (http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~gilbert/research/fireants/faqans.html.
    Fire ants look very similar to other ants, but their aggressiveness and intensity of the venom they inject with an attack, makes them almost pathologically bellicose. When they move into an area, they attack other, more peaceful ants and kill them off, soon becoming the dominant ant in an area,.

    The other is the so-called “KILLER BEE” or Africanized Bee.(Apis mellifera scutellata). As with the fire ant, the killer bee, although it looks outwardly very much like the European bees that are more docile and produce honey commercially, the warlike, territorially aggressive killer bee, tends to move into an area, kill or drive off the other bees, and become the dominant form of bee.

    Interestingly, the country from which both of these insects came from to the USA, was South America..

    The title of this article is “AN EAGLE WITH ONLY A RIGHT WING CAN’T FLY”. The Eagle of course, is the United States. The Congress is now dominated by just one party, and the executive brance is rule by that same party.

    Republicans often may look like democrats, like a killer bee may look like a European bee or a fire ant may look like another ant, but, like these aggressive, predatorial insects, seem to want to wipe out the opposition, and show little real interest in co-existing, or working in a truly bipartisan manner.

    As with the EAGLE, the United States needs BOTH wings, Right AND Left, not only to fly at all, but certtainly to fly toward a forward destination.

    Anyone paddling a boat only on the RIGHT, is never going to reach their destination on the other side, but will instead, merely go in a circle.

    This country MUST head toward a positive destination, and for that, we need BOTH wings!
    ~CodeWarriorz Thoughts”

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    I will be in London the next month. You be sure that I will buy the book. Thanks a lot.

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    or was it intentional?

    anyways, great blog. ..

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  • Joseph Pietro Riolo

    To CodeWarrior,

    What you wrote is equally true for the opposite
    side, Left who desires to destroy Right.

    History is full of pendulum swinging between two
    sides. Rather whining on how Right beat Left,
    why don’t you tell Left how to improve themselves?
    So far, Left is totally pathetic.

    Back to the topic…

    If the author of “Freedom of Expression” is truly
    a believer in freedom of expression, he should not
    have retained copyright in his writing. But, he
    does. This makes him a hypocrite in the eyes of
    the lay people.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this
    comment in the public domain.

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    If the author of “Freedom of Expression” is truly a believer in freedom of expression, he should not have retained copyright in his writing.

    Well, that kinda depends on how you choose to defend Freedom of Expression® (term used without permission) :p

    License notice: this expression is licensed under a Creative Commons license

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    To fERDI:),

    You do not need permission to mention the phrase
    “Freedom of Expression” for the following reasons.

    First, you are not required to seek permission
    to use the phrase within non-commercial context
    and in some commercial context.

    Second, the registered trademark is limited to
    a small class of things as outlined in the
    registration. So, if I want to use the phrase
    as brand name for socks, that will be fine.

    Third, the registered trademark, according to
    the registration at http://www.uspto.gov, is

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this
    comment in the public domain.