December 9, 2004  ·  Lessig

CNUK (as in CN-UK) (as in the webcast radio station in Exeter) has launched “a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to creating and promoting creative works that can be built upon, shared and sampled. All not-for-profit, with for-profit options left available to the creators.”

  • Riana

    You know, I’ve long thought it would be great fun if you hosted a Creative Commons-themed show on KZSU

  • mattl

    A Creative Commons themed show is one of the shows we’re trying to get together for CNUK when the radio part starts happening.

    I assume we’ll have enough music eventually to do several different music shows, and enough Free Culture news to do a news broadcast (perhaps using Free Speech Radio News as well)

    matt @ cnuk

  • Brian R.

    Will CNUK use a RSS feed with the enclosure tag to distribute audio files? aka Podcasting

    If so let us know. :)

  • mattl

    Brian, I see no reason not to :)

    We’re using Plone as our content management system, but I’m currently the only person working anywhere near part time on this.

    I need to email the members and find out if people can help out – our action groups are there for this.


  • Dave “scooter” Hamilton

    That is a killer idea! I wish the USA had something similar to that.

  • mattl

    Dave, we’re not limited to just the UK. We see that as a world wide thing.

    I’m matt at cnuk dot org if you want to email and chat or just register on the site and get started.