December 13, 2004  ·  Lessig


So in the spirit of the times (sussing great gift ideas), I’ve convinced an old friend, and my former Dean, to spend a couple days in this space talking about his new book, In Perilous Times. Starting Wednesday, Geof Stone will be blogging here about the book. It is a great and amazing history, both optimistic and depressing. It will be Geof’s first time blogging, so please make him welcome.

And were I to use this space to self-promote, I might point to Businessweek‘s pick of the top ten books of the year. But I won’t waste your time with that.

  • John Anderson

    This is a fabulous book. Thanks for having him here.

  • Steve Dispensa

    Looking forward to it. I just read a thing on the sedition act and the espionage act from the WWI era. It’s amazing how different things are now.