• Jonah

    For those too cheap to buy the magazine, LegalTorrents has a torrent:
    http://www.legaltorrents.com/index.php?fuse=71 (320 kbps MP3).

  • http://briansmith.blogspot.com Brian Smith

    This is a great idea and I hope it’ll give a lot of people the impetus to be creative with the songs. But I’m curious as to why Wired/CC didn’t help us out by doing some of the sampling for us ? Why not include a data section on the disc with some/all/the best hooks/beats/riffs/phrases *already sampled* and presented as seperate .wav or .mp3 (or even .ogg !) files. I’m sure a lot of people would like to try sampling, but for many of us we don’t know how to set up a properly timed loop, or filter a sample to seperate the sound elements in it. If you provided the samples that’d help people get started :)

    Thanks again for a great project !

  • http://earreverends.com Jay Fienberg

    The new Wired and the CD come across as an impressive endorsement for Creative Commons and its cause. Congratulations! (and thank you!)

  • oboreruhito

    It came. It also came scratched and adhesive-stained. (Thanks for the Torrent, Jonah.) And the Beastie interview never bothered to ask them about the Trojan DRM software on the European ’5 Boroughs’. I’m glad we got to hear about Yauch’s phat bong push-button bong, though, that TOTALLY made up for any actual journalism we were missing out on.