October 13, 2004  ·  Lessig

So Granny D, the extraordinary 94 year old activist from New Hampshire running for the United States Senate, wants to guest blog @ Lessig Blog.

I’m honored to welcome her here for the next week. I’m scaling back a bit, preparing for the KAHLE argument, while she’s pushing ahead, preparing for November 2d.

Her first post will come soon. Please welcome our first candidate for US Senate.

  • Green Democrat Correspondent

    This is really exciting news! I can’t wait. She is an amazing woman.

  • Thomas

    Earlier today, with reports that the FEC was looking at regulations of blogs, etc, I thought that campaign finance reform was an unmitigated disaster.

    But if it’d keep Granny D from bloggin on this site, it would all be worth it.

  • http://chadely.com Chad

    I really don’t know what Granny D’s qualifications are but I do know that anyone who stands up for the people and not the money hungry murdering corperate bastages can’t be all that bad right? We really need to give the government back to the people. Electing Granny D looks like a step in the right direction.
    Some would argue that she doesn’t know how to “play the game” well… I think there is enough “game playing” going on in US polotics! This is serious stuff. Children are being murdered for corperate profits.

    I’m really glad that you are giving people an outlet to talk about her.

    Just my thoughts.


  • Nancy

    Thank you for doing this for Granny D. She’s a great lady, my hero!
    I agree with Chad that there’s far too much game playing going on in Washington… far too much prevarication as well!
    Our political system needs a total overhaul & Granny D’s the one to get the ball rolling!
    Go Granny, Go!

  • http://mataliandy.blogspot.com mataliandy

    Granny D is great! She has guts and doesn’t mince words. She’s a woman of action, down-to-earth, and genuine.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with her!

  • http://www.neuropsychological.blogspot.com/ Anthony

    Cool. She was just on C-SPAN3 earlier today (re-airing of a presentation from 2000) and she’s wonderful!

  • http://www.nhfreepress.com/Granny%20D/attack1.htm Bill Fishlore

    http://www.nhfreepress.com/Granny%20D/attack1.htm will give you some idea of what poor Mr. Gregg is up against

  • http://braveulysses.com Cecil

    Granny D electrified audiences here in North Carolina when she appeared at Rolling Thunder Asheville in 2003 and other political events. As a former New Hampshirite I am well aware of the streak of independence and individualism that runs through Granite Staters and I hope they don’t miss this chance to stand up for meaningful change in politics. The real question is not whether Granny D is a better politician than her opponent — he is a career pol, after all, accustomed to pulling the strings of power — but whether we want to go back to citizen government. Granny has almost a century of wisdom, clear vision of what we can be and a warm heart. Her candidacy could be the harbinger of a revolution in citizen action. Government could be more like a New Hampshire town meeting and less like a corporate board room. Go Granny Go!

  • http://www.metrocast.net/~ksandre/ksandre.html ksandre

    If anyone can save us NooHampsters from the Gregg / Sununu dynasties it is you, GrannyD. Thank you!