• http://www.turnstyle.com/bio.asp Scott Matthews

    Aren’t all the clips on p2p-politics.org authorized for sharing?

  • lessig

    The clips downloaded from the archive are. The clips that are just links are governed by whatever implicit terms exist on the original site.

  • Tim Andonian

    This type of innovation gives me great hope for our country.

    This election is one of the most important in our country’s history. November second holds for every American great struggle and great emotion. We owe it to each other as one united body of people not to lock this emotion behind our front doors. Let the television into the public space, into the streets, the civic centers, out our front doors and mingle. Celebrate this day and make our voice heard. Let our music fill the air, and our dance move our bodies in our front yards and our streets. If Kerry wins, we dance in the streets, and if Bush wins, we dance in the streets. Never forget, We are United. Our expression is free. Together, may we provide the truth