• Rob

    If O’Reilly endorsed anyone it would put an end to his claims of running a “fair and balanced” “no-spin zone”. I’m not holding my breath. If he were to endorse anyone, I’m sure he’d figure out a way to endorse Bush.

  • http://a.wholelottanothing.org Matt

    He was on The Daily Show a couple weeks back and insisted he’s still undecided.

  • http://www.d88b.net .hack/jhimm

    i suspect that,
    like W, and Cheney,
    and a few others,
    he’ll claim we found materials
    that indicate intent
    and the ability to rebuild weapons programs
    and that this evidence justifies our invasion.

  • http://coeusgroup.com/en Evan Nemerson


    He apologised, but refused to blame Bush and Co. He blamed the CIA instead. I guess he’s ducking the second part of his promise.

    I remember reading somewhere (I think Eschaton) that O’Reilly has become a caricature of himself. It’s the best description I’ve found… the guy is just so absurd.

  • http://www.ebong.org jmt

    could it be that al franken’s characterization of o’reilly as a pathological liar is spot on?

  • PrivacyHound

    O’Reilly admitted on the David Letterman show that he must be a pathological liar if Al Franken is making so much money of him by saying that. It was a fine example of how O’Reilly uses sarcastic hyperbole to try and deflect criticism and evade the truth.

    O�Reilly is a proven liar. In an objective world, it is hard to believe that he wouldn�t have been fired for his dishonesty a long time ago. But he is popular and profit and partisan ship speak louder than integrity at Fox News.

  • sirmob

    I think he’s already kept the promise – not supporting Bush doesn’t mean he’s going to support Kerry. here is Bill O’Reilly on The Daily Show – I was amazed at the degree to which those two men really seemed to “get” each other, and it was such a contrast to the later Crossfire interview.

  • Max Lybbert

    I remember when my brother sent me a copy of The No Spin Zone (the book). I liked it, even if O’Reilly opposed capital punishment and wanted to decriminalize drugs. I think he had something to say back then. When I finally saw him on TV, I lost all respect for the guy.

    However, the people who like him, actually liked his way of handling the sexual harrassment charges (his ratings went up because of that). I found some of her side of the story odd, but I think the support simply came from people who don’t believe sexual harrassment should be illegal. (For the record, I agree that sexual harrassment should be illegal).

  • Max Lybbert

    Oops. I forgot to relate my post to the point of the story. The short answer is, most of O’Reilly’s fans are conservative, and will vote Republican, even if he endorses Kerry. They may not be my brand of conservative, but that’s how I think things will go.

    The point of my previous post is simply that I, for one, don’t take marching orders from O’Reilly. I find him to combatative and distasteful.