• http://pobox.com/~joehall/nqb2/ joe

    G.W. Bush was born in Connecticut and rasied in Midland and Houston, Texas. Crawford is where his ranch is… it’s not terribly surprising that’s there’s any Kerry supporters in Texas… they’re just a minority.


  • Max Lybbert

    IIRC, a Massachussetts paper has endorsed Bush. And the Massachussetts state troopers union considered endorsing Bush. Having Bush’s hometown paper against him isn’t any bigger news than these two items (IMO).

  • http://www.patandkat.com/pat/weblog/ Patrick Berry

    It might be his new baby…12 or 13 weeks old I think.

  • http://www.alanmccann.com Alan

    First broke on September 28.

    NPR lists it as October 2nd.


    It was all over the MSM.

  • cheem

    Jon Stewart was busy ripping Tucker Carlson a new one today on Crossfire. I guess these interviews really take a lot out of you.

  • http://codewarriorz.blogspot.com CodeWarrior

    Perhaps the neighbors see the trash that people not living near the Shrubs don’t see!