• http://www.noded.com/noded jr

    I think both sides agree that that is offensive if for different reasons. My guess is that i would be take out to the woodshed for behavior like that.

  • boo

    And why am I to be offended? I think it’s kind of endearing. It was clearly long ago, and he wasn’t doing it in his capacity as President.
    Now if he did that on national TV during his victory speech after winning the election, as a message to his opponents, I could see getting offended.

  • Anonymous

    He was not yet President, but was President-elect (which is his reference to a victory salute).

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get that information? http://www.texansfortruth.org/, the group promoting the video, just says he was governor of Texas at the time, and I haven’t found anything else to date it.

  • Tayssir John Gabbour

    Does anyone know why this ad isn’t on the site? It’s Nader set to Beastie Boys.

    I submitted it to them, mentioning it’s already on archive.org but not listed on p2p-politics.

    About the Bush thing… I don’t think most Bush supporters would mind, but it could certainly rile some people up. There’s something on Freedom TV (a channel on Winamp’s streaming video section) about how much one can find bouncing around on satellites, when people are sitting around waiting to be aired.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if Bush gave the “Bird” to the camera. At least I know his human unlike insta-tan Kerry (aka “Code Orange”).

    Get a life Fisher. Stop acting like your some perfect, flawless, god-like creature. Face it, your a loser like the rest of us.

  • Anti ‘Code Stupid’

    attn: Code Stupid (i.e. no name) I’m pretty sure Lessig posted this blog entry and not Fisher. Glad to know another idiot is voting for Bush. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious about people’s reaction to eminem’s latest video Mosh – inciting people to viol… er, I mean, vote.

  • Anonymous

    This post is sad.

    It is sad in many ways, but most of all it is sad because we now have a Stanford law professor so deluded by partisanship that he fails to see his own hypocracy in the above post. Professor Lessig criticises the likes of O’Reilly for eschewing reasoned civic discourse while at the same time resorting to ad-hominem attacks on Bush’s supporters.

    And it is an ad-hominem…just a very subtle one. The suggestion that Bush’s supporters are so devoid of humor or common sense that they can’t see that the above video was (1) in jest and (2) not directed toward any individual and (3) supposedly off-the-air suggests that Lessig no longer sees them as worthy of civil discourse.

    That’s too bad…

    And once again, a very important court case – Lexmark – apparently warrants so little of the good professor’s attention as to bury it under another topic.

  • Tayssir John Gabbour

    This Eminem video?

    I think it’s very high-quality. As for the perception of violence, that’s not actually new:

    “The Joint Chiefs of Staff, considering additional U.S. troop deployments to Vietnam after the Tet Offensive in 1968, noted that they had to make sure that ‘sufficient forces would still be available for civil disorder control.’”
    “The Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, John McNaughton, noted in secret that escalation of the land war beyond South Vietnam might lead to massive civil disobedience within the United States, particularly in view of opposition to the war among young people, the underprivileged, the intelligentsia, and women.”

    Obviously, if you observe who is really inciting people to violence, with doublespeak like “we are a peaceful nation… I am a war president,” it turns out we appear to have a double standard, marginalizing the economically poor as violent rabble who can’t be trusted to think. When we send the poor off to war, we make a show of supporting them, until they dissent… that’s when we turn on them. I believe that a Democracy Now taping a couple days ago mentioned military personnel might not have the ability to secretly vote. (DN page for that date.)